Sunday, 11 July 2010

New Sponsor Stickers and Front Seat Cover

Sunday morning rolled around again, and no Scottie today as he had to work, so Damian was left to his own devices. Initially Damian decided to install the new front seat cover that arrived during the week, however Elli and Steve arrived with new sponsor stickers, so that took priority!!

There were a whole lot of new stickers to go on, including large ones for the sides of the roof rack and a replacement sticker for Cadist Consulting on the rear windscreen, as it needs to move from the top of the screen to the bottom, so there's enough room for the esCarpade official stickers at the top.

First up, the passenger side of the roof rack...

Damian stood back and let Steve apply these stickers - they are not only large, but overlaid (two stickers stuck together to create a background colour).

The top layer holds the stickers still while they are applied... This one looks nice and straight!!

And it's always good to give the blog a plug!!

Time to get started on the driver's side. This is where the Acreage Driveways sticker will go!

Looks impressive with the backing paper removed - the sticker has a red background, so the whole thing looks red from the back!!

And it's stuck on and nicely lined up... Time to wait for it to dry a little before removing the top sheet...

Peeling back the paper shows the true magnificence of the Cadist Consulting signage...

All finished, and the blog address is nice too!!

Chasing Blakey (the band from the Team Booger Mobile trivia night) have a nice burgundy coloured sticker - the photo really doesn't do it justice!!

Time to peel back the Acreage Driveway sticker!!

The yellow on red signage looks spectacular!!

DNL Bookkeeping have a nice pink sticker on the passenger side...

The old stickers were painstakingly removed from the rear windscreen, and the residue cleaned with eucalyptus oil, ready to put the new stickers on!

Cadist Consulting get another sticker - aren't they lucky?

Peeling back the sticker again...

And there it is, hiding the speakers!!

Front and rear bumpers also got some special stickers... guess what they said?


What are the odds?

And plugging the blog again, while showing the Acreage Driveways phone number!!

Driver's side...

Passenger side...

Once the stickers were finished, Elli and Steve headed off, and Damian got to the front seat covers... This is what it looked like before...

And getting started...

All finished!! When Scottie comes down the next time, Damian will get him to help tie the covers down - it's a task that requires more than one set of hands!!

Another week sneaks by, and the boys are another week closer to the esCarpade... Sadly, progress has almost ground to a halt... some big days are going to be required soon!!


    But alas no Scottie, so Damian will have to cope all on his own,or will he.
    Woo hoo Elli and Steve, have arrived with some new sponsors stickers.Which will be a must too do on Booger Mobile first up.How amazing do those new sponsors stickers look,each and everyone of them standing out no matter the colour they are.All the sponsors stickers look fantastic,and I love them all, as they are all helping Damian,Scottie, and Booger Mobile to do it for the kids.
    Perfect placement of the stickers Steve, well done thank you.I hope that Damian made you and Elli one of his now famous coffees.
    Very nice seat covers, the grey look heaps better than the brown colour of the seats.
    Well that was another exciting days work in preparing Booger Mobile for the Camp Quality esCarpade 2010.
    Many Thanks Damian,Scottie, and all the BM sponsors all doing it for the kids.

  2. Yes, there was coffee... before the stickers went on!!

    -- Damian.