Saturday, 26 February 2011

Soundwave Brisbane - a fundraising success!!

The Soundwave Festival in Brisbane is the scene of Team Booger Mobile's major fundraiser for the year.  Damian, his wife Tricia and his brother Jason were manning the signing tent for the day.

Check it out... they even had their own special meeting point!!

The gates opened, ticket sales were brisk, but not the massive influx that there had been in 2010.  This is probably because the signing tent was away from the stages, rather than right beside the main stage where it was in 2010.  It was a much more comfortable environment hearing wise, but meant that the bands on stage couldn't be seen from the signing tent.

The first of many bands come into the tent...

More bands, and more people lining up to meet their idols!

The crowd got quite large during the day...

And introducing the new member of Team Booger Mobile, Damian's brother Jason!!  Damian needs to teach him how to look at the camera during a self portrait!! 

As an aside, the small fella in the background trying to duck out of the way was the signing tent's security guard...  Apparently he was there for our protection, even though the boys both towered over him...

And this is Boot Girl.  Check out the huge platform boots she is wearing, ala KISS.  She was the highest individual ticket purchaser of the day, returning to the signing tent for every session, getting signatures from all bands in attendance.

The signing tent during a bit of a lull in proceedings...

This band was Every Avenue... they were nice guys, and are big in Japan!!  Particularly Russell (in the glasses).

And again, Jason is looking elsewhere...  by the end of the esCarpade he will have it down pat for sure!!

At the signing tent, there were all manner of things being signed... lots of shoes (as per the image below), but some of the more bizarre ones was a man who had the current Devil Driver album cover tattooed on his entire left thigh, and got the band to sign it in silver ink so he could go have the signature tattooed after Soundwave...

And this is what happens to poor old Giggle when you leave him unattended on a table full of punk/metal bands!!  This one probably isn't any good for displaying any more!!

The times/bands attending the signing tent...  24 bands over a six hour period, with ticket sales starting three hours prior to that... in all, the boys spent about 11 hours in the signing tent.

And what photoset would be complete without a band signing a lime green mankini??

So you are all wondering what the final fundraising total was?  Well, Team Booger Mobile outdid their total from 2010... this year, the fundraising total from Soundwave Brisbane was...


And the best part?  the boys have been invited back for 2012!!

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  1. What a great start for Team Booger Mobiles fund raising for the Camp Quality esCarpade 2011.
    With an excellence total $3222.15 "WOO HOO"
    Love the picture of the three Sheathers' to start the blog off,but you will have to teach Jason the special smile that Both Damian and Tricia have.
    Really great to have Jason now on board as the other half of Team Booger Mobile stepping into Scotties shoes who is not able be with Team Booger Mobile this year.They are big shoes to fill and Scottie will be missed,but I m quite sure that Jason will do an excellence job filling them.
    A very big welcome to Jason as the other half on Team Booger Mobile.There will be lots of fun, laughter, smiles and maybe even a few tears(or beers) doing it for the kids in the Camp Quality esCarpade 2011
    Great pictures as always Damian,all the best for 2011 the year of the Booger Mobile.
    Thank You