Sunday, 6 March 2011

Clearing the engine bay...

Sunday morning...  time to work on Booger Mobile, just like last year!!  Jason rolled around and enjoyed a fresh coffee (some things never change) before the boys headed up to the shed.

On the agenda today was to remove the air horns and claxton horn ready for Booger Mobile to head to Barry Mac's on Friday for an engine and transmission rebuild, and to have a general discussion about other bits and pieces that would need sorting out.

First up, off came the horns!!

The second task was to work out how best to implement a brace between the strut towers - regular blog followers will remember during the esCarpade last year when Booger Mobile had a split in the subframe - a brace between the strut towers will help to strengthen the front end.

Start with the removal of the strut bracket, and measure and cut a piece of plywood to the approximate size.

More measurements and cutting later, and a template has been made for the base-plate for the strut tower brace.  This will be replicated in some kind of plate steel... stay tuned in future blog posts for the results!!

The strut was put back together, and a fair amount of planning and discussion took place regarding suspension height and options...  alas, Damian neglected to take any further photos, so you'll have to hang out till the next exciting blog post!!

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  1. SUNDAY SUNDAY Clearing Booger Mobile's engine bay day.
    Same place same time and one of Damian's famous coffee's,some things never change thankfully.
    Since the Booger mobile needs to have an engine and transmission rebuild,a few things had to be removed before heading off to Barry Mac's this coming Friday.
    First up was the easy part removing the air horn and the claxton horn.
    Then on to how to make the brace for the strut towers after removing the old one.I was a bit worried there for a minute when you started to measuring and cuting plywood for the brace,till I realized that it was only a template for the steel brace that will be cut out another day,at least it will be a perfect fit.
    Well done on a great days work on the Booger Mobile.
    Thank you Damian and Jason
    I look forward to the next exciting blog.