Friday, 18 March 2011

Booger Mobile heads to Barry Mac!!

The day had finally arrived for Booger Mobile to head off to Barry Mac's for some major mechanical work, including (but not limited to) a full engine and transmission rebuild!!

It's been a while since there was a complete set of pics put up of Booger Mobile, so Damian thought today was as good a time as any...

The passenger side...  Cadist Consulting are already back onboard, and Damian has received informal confirmation from Jesus Metal, Kumho Tyres and Lovells Springs that they will be back onboard again in 2011.

To the rear, Special K from WA is already back onboard, and Damian has received word from Complete Treatment Plant Services and ACTUM Consulting that they would like to be onboard again in 2011...  There is also talk that the boot lid may be going to a new sponsor, so watch this space!!

The driver's side, and Denise Gadsden & Catherine and Paul Price have given a commitment to be involved again in 2011, as has Aqualogical and CMK Financial Solutions.  Damian hasn't had a chance to speak with Acreage Driveways yet, but hopefully they will come onboard again!!

Driver's side looking from the front, and Jason Sheather Plumbing have indicated that they will be onboard again in 2011, and Jason himself will be coming on the esCarpade with Damian!

On the front are Drift Bodyworx and Blow-In Shopfitting, who have both indicated that they would like to continue their support for Team Booger Mobile in 2011.  There may also be a new sponsor for one (or both) of the edges of the bonnet!!

On the passenger side (from the front), Kerbside Car Sound's amazing stereo will be along for the ride again in 2011, so Damian has decided to leave their sticker on for another year!!  Kane has also been involved in the preparation of another Queensland entry, so there may be a bit more about that in future blogs!! 

Tekton Interior Fitouts have come onboard already in 2011, and their sticker will be going in the blank spot on the top of the passenger front door.

And parked on the grass at Barry Mac's, Booger Mobile is waiting patiently for its turn...

Also today, Damian met with Team Booger Mobile's secret sponsor from 2010, who still are unable to be named, but have again agreed to help where they can in 2011.  While Damian was there, they donated a raffle prize, so stay tuned for the raffle when it gets finalised!!


  1. Hope it goes well after all the work...
    What ever did happen to Scottie ? I thought he would able to give the booger a new lease on life.

  2. Scottie had work and family commitments, so won't be coming this year...

    Booger Mobile's work that's being done this year is stuff that is more suited to sending away at this stage (engine, transmission etc).

    -- Damian.

    Well the time has come for the Booger Mobile to go to Barry Mac's for that extra special care needed to be done, in preparation for the Camp Quality 2011 esCarpade.
    Really great to see the sponsors coming back on board the Booger Mobile for 2011.I am looking forward to welcoming everyone on board the Mighty Booger Mobile,so here is a big welcome on board to TEKTON INTERIORS FITOUTS.
    Damian, Jason, Booger,and all the sponsors doing it for the kids :)