Saturday, 4 May 2013

Trivia with a Twist Fundraising Success!!

The day for the Team Booger Mobile Trivia with a Twist fundraiser came around exceedingly quickly!!  Damian had fuelled up Booger Mobile earlier in the day and left it parked at the front of his house (rather than in the shed).

Damian's beautiful wife Tricia and their boys (not shown) were coming along for the ride...

Always time for a smile in Booger Mobile, and even better when you don't have to take the photo yourself!!

Heading down the highway...

Better take this exit...

And after a snappy detour to pick up Damian's mother-in-law, the now fully loaded Booger Mobile headed over the Gateway Bridge...

Stretch limo - bet the people inside wished they were in Booger Mobile instead!!

Past the refineries...

And to sunny downtown Wynnum!!

The Wynnum RSL had marked out a parking spot just for Booger Mobile!!

The lights are alternating, but Damian managed to jag a shot where both green lights were lit as they changed over...

Inside, Damian set up some Camp Quality flags, while Booger Mobile watched from outside!!

And Damian, posing as always!!

Another banner, in case the people coming up the stairs forgot who the night was in support of...

And into the Pandanus Room - a lovely function room with dance floor and stage area...

Refreshments...  and another banner!!

As darkness fell, and people began to arrive, Damian got another sneaky shot of Booger Mobile...

Jo was there for the fun, and managed to score an awesome table number after ordering some dinner!!

Tony and his table of guests with some pre-trivia feeding...

Damian's friend Rose was there too...

The night began, and the tables filled up!!  Quite a good turnout, especially given the number of last minute cancellations and unexpected arrivals...

Mark entertained the crowd with some music, and later on, some dancing!!

The questions were all on the board... random selections from the tables dictated the order!!

Damian had his donation bucket, and boy would it get a workout before the night was over!!  One of the twists for the night was that for every round of trivia, each table could purchase a bonus point for a $5 donation...  The notes flew thick and fast!!

Nina demonstrated how one of the games was done...  Sadly just after the photo was taken, the cups were all over the floor...  Damian was seen in the area but denies purposely hitting the box as he walked past!!

The punters having a crack at one handed cup stacking - some with more success than others!!

Jake Sullivan, former Camp Quality camper and all round nice guy was there with his table of friends, both to support the evening and have fun, as well as to have a chat to people about his experiences with Camp Quality.

Speech time...  and Jake's joke went down a treat!!

Later in the evening, Damian had a quick chat about the esCarpade...

But possibly the funniest moment of the night was as follows:  Mark and Quintin (in green below) are both dance teachers, in different styles of dance.

Nina (also a dancer) suggested to Damian that there was money to be made by auctioning off Mark and Quintin dancing together - so Damian told the crowd that if $50 was raised, Mark and Quintin would dance...  The total of $86.90 was raised for this purpose!!

One person donated $50, and nominated Quintin to play the female dance partner role...  Which he did with enthusiasm!!

So Mark wasn't left out, Damian suggested they change roles (and of course, this meant changing dancing styles) halfway through...  Much laughter ensued, and there's some video footage of it floating around, so if Damian finds a copy he will upload it and link it here!!

Big thanks to Mark and Quintin for being such good sports about it and raising an additional $86.90!!

The next game for the night was the mummy-wrap - wrapping up a victim... err... volunteer... with toilet paper!!


Quintin presented the Duty Manager from the Wynnum RSL with a certificate of appreciation for all their help (including the donation of the room and staff for the evening)!!

When it was all said and done, here was the wash-up...  Brule's Rules took out the coveted wooden spoon, but said that it was the best trivia night they had ever been to!!

Hot Rod Mania took out third place, after having a massive couple of rounds (that may or may not have included a sizeable donation to buy some extra points)!!

The Know Ideas came in second...  Well done to Tony and his crew!!

And in first place, Lock it in Eddie!!  Rumour has it that these three Trivia Gurus attend somewhere in the vicinity of four trivia nights every single week, but that they also thought that this was the most fun that they had had at a trivia night that they could remember!!

After packing up, it was time to head back home...

Booger Mobile safe and sound in the shed, and again, Damian managed to jag a photo with both green lights lit, and the amber ones just changing also...  scores!!

Some gratuitous shots... one of the front grill...

The passenger side...

Passenger side from the rear...

The super bright LED rear white safety light...  (This time, both amber lights were out - go figure - they were actually flashing still!!)

And the driver's side from the rear.

Massive thanks go to Mark, Quintin and Nina for all their efforts in organising the Team Booger Mobile Trivia with a Twist night - what a rollicking success it was!!  Of course, Leon's efforts as Quizmaster can't go without thanks, and also to the judge/scrutineers and all the other behind the scenes type people!!
So how much was raised you ask?  Door takings raised $837.  Damian reckons that there is at least $500 in the donation bucket, perhaps even six or seven hundred!!  Once it's been counted (it's a sealed bucket), the final tally for the night will be revealed!!
Thanks to all those who attended the night, and also to those who couldn't attend but decided to make an online donation instead!!
-----  STOP PRESS  -----
Footage of Mark and Quintin dancing has surfaced on Youtube, and presented here for your viewing pleasure... Enjoy!! 

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    Well it looks like it was a really great fund raiser,with every one who went along having a great time, while helping to raise funds for the great cause of Camp Quality.
    Well done Damian and all of those people who helped in organising such a fantastic night.