Sunday, 2 June 2013

2013 May Senior Camp (was Senior Sibs previously)

Ever wondered what Camp Quality is all about?  Why does Team Booger Mobile raise money for Camp Quality?  It's to provide fantastic kids living with cancer with the opportunity to have fun on camps (among other things)!!

Damian attends several Camp Quality camps each year - here's some pics from the latest one - May Senior Camp (a 3 day camp that used to be known as Senior Sibs).

The pictures may seem a little odd, but camp rules forbid uploading photos with campers in them.

Here's Damian on the bus on the way to camp...

Lawn bowls in Byron Bay...

One of the campers had a guide dog - he was a big hit!!

The Byron Bay lighthouse...

Damian making his own fun on the bus...

At Lake Ainsworth, Damian demonstrated his unusual basketball shooting style - after about a million attempts, he finally got it in!!

Having fun on a Segway...

Masquerade themed disco!!

With a LOLLIE BAR!!  (Do you see a pattern forming here?)

Damian's team for the treasure hunt - team photo!!

Task - find "A Feather".  (In case you can't read it, the brick has "A Feather" written on it!!)

Team photo with a fruit stack at least three pieces high!!

The beach near the campsite...

On the bus heading back to Qld, passing a castle!!  (As you do...)

Lunch at the Hog's Breath Café!!

Giggle faces all round!!

Apparently you can see Surfers Paradise from Coolangatta!!

And with that, the camp was over...  Three days of awesome fun!!  Blokes - Camp Quality never, ever, EVER has enough male companions, so if you like to have fun, and can spare a weekend or a week each year, sign up and make a difference in the lives of kids living with cancer and their families!!

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    Can tell by the pictures of Damian that all the kids who attened would have had a fun filled fantastic time,and who wouldn't with such a fun loving,an caring person such as Damian as a Companion on camp.
    Thank you Damian for all that you do, always there to put a smile on a face,or give someone a great laugh.