Sunday, 14 July 2013

Tailshaft back in and kickdown cable replaced

Time to get cracking and get Booger Mobile into driveable condition again... 

First job - refit the tailshaft... done!!  Has there been a tragic accident?  No, it's just grease!!

Next up, time to do the kickdown cable...  Safety first... up on jack stands!!

Remove the transmission protection plate... bit grubby!!

That's better!!

Seems that there's been a bit of transmission fluid leaking...

Now it's really leaking... mainly into the bucket (although there was a patch of it on the floor for good measure!!)

Inside looks pretty clean!!  The old kickdown cable is still attached...  not returning correctly.

Damian detaches the kickdown cable from the firewall end...

Hmmm...  old kickdown cable, new kickdown cable...  Any wonder it wasn't returning properly!!

No time for resting under Booger Mobile, Damian, there's work to be done!!

New kickdown cable attached - note that it returns to the correct position now!!

So clean, you could almost eat off it!!

And the pan reattached...

On with the protection plate...

The beginning of a new spacer...

And through the magic of the interwebs, it's all back together again!!

Not seen here is the two hours Damian spent looking for the little clip that holds the accelerator cable to the carby... it went missing sometime between picking the cable up off the bench and putting it on Booger Mobile... what a debacle!!  A suitable clip was located in a bucket near the bench, leading Damian to believe that it must have fallen off the cable and into the bucket, since there was no spare clip available (he had to buy a clip last year!!)
There are several events coming up shortly for Team Booger Mobile, so be sure to keep an eye on the upcoming events section!!
esCarpade is only 3 months away!!

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  1. OMG with only three months till the 2013 Camp Quality esCarpade it was time that,Damian got onto preparing, the Booger Mobile to the standards needed to pass scrutineering for the entry of the esCarpade.
    Great pictures as always, thank you Damian for sharing with us.