Friday, 18 April 2014

Accelerator Linkage - the exciting conclusion!!

As it turned out, the auto store couldn't supply a linkage of the correct size due to supply issues, so Damian found one on ebay, crossed his fingers and hoped for the best!!
Perfect fit!!

Much better angle here...

Once the linkage was attached, and the accelerator pedal was adjusted (no photos), Damian went under Booger Mobile and tightened the pan bolts on the transmission - they seemed to have slightly wriggled loose during last year's esCarpade, which could account for the pool of fresh oil under the car...  Hopefully this will fix what wasn't an issue last year!!

On the topic of issues that weren't there last year, it would appear that a bit of glue is required on the boot lid seal...  tack that onto the todo list!!

And there ends today's work - nothing further can happen until Angus comes over with his welder to tack on a piece to attach to the kickdown cable...

This accelerator linkage saga is beginning to rival the early days of Booger Mobile!!

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