Monday, 21 April 2014

Accelerator pedal and kickdown cable connected...

Booger Mobile is DRIVEABLE AGAIN!!

Way to go, start with the punchline...  back it up a bit there!!

Angus was coming around to help Damian with the kickdown cable part of the accelerator pedal assembly.  The boys were going to use the one from the cable pull on the existing pedal assembly.

Damian wielding an angle grinder... what could possibly go wrong?


Angus welding it back together...

What's not shown here is the half hour of cursing, sweating and crying in order to get the pedal assembly back into the car - it basically threads through the hold in the firewall, and has to wangle around the pedals and wiring etc...

The completed pedal assembly (well, the bit that sticks out through the firewall) and the linkage!!

Voila!!  Is back together again!!

Test drive done, and Damian decided to give Booger Mobile a well-needed bath!!


Got to keep the sponsors happy!!

And what a nice rear!!

Back in the shed - lights flashing...

Not to forget the nice, shiny green LED's from Cosmo Lighting!!

So the kickdown cable is reattached, and the pedal assembly is now completed, and Booger Mobile is DRIVEABLE again!!  Woohoo!!

Hopefully this is the end of the saga with cables etc…

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  1. Well done Team Booger Mobile, as usual it is never an easy task working on the Booger,but with a lot of persissance and hard work paid off.
    Booger Mobile is also now looking the part all nice and shinny
    Another days work done well done guys