Saturday, 26 July 2014

Queensland Scrutineering and Experience esCarpade drive!!

Queensland Scrutineering for 2014 had arrived...  It was time for Booger Mobile and the other Queensland entrants to find out how prepared they were for the 2014 esCarpade, and how much more work was to be done to ensure (or at least go towards) the event not being a mechanical misery!!

Speaking of mechanical misery, Damian's camera decided to play silly buggers with the lens protector, so some of the photos have an artistic feel to them...

Test lights ready to go!!

Heading out towards Kilcoy on a foggy Saturday morning...

Meeting at the Kilcoy Bakery for coffee and sustenance before Scrutineering - Angus and Damian were the first to arrive, and sat for a while wondering if they had the day wrong... then the rest of the gang turned up!!

Booger Mobile flanked by a couple of new vehicles - Angry Birds and the Mystery Machine.

Tyrepower at Kilcoy made their workshop available for scrutineering again... three cheers for them!!

Parked outside, milling around while all the vehicles had their turn on the hoist...

Booger Mobile passed with flying colours!!  Woohoooooooooo!!

Team Afro had a broken hanger on the rear springs, but luckily for them there was a wrecking yard next door who had one in stock!!

Purple People Eaters found that their GPS tripmeter wasn't working - turned out to be a problem with the probe connection.

Damian and Angus - together again for 2014!!

Driver briefing before the Experience esCarpade drive from Kilcoy to Palmwoods!!

Up the bitumen for a while...

And onto dirt... woohoo!!

A few km into the dirt, a nasty squealing sound came from the wheel... Damian stopped and checked for a stick or similar, but couldn't find anything.  Driving off slowly he tapped the brakes a couple of times and the noise was gone... verdict - small rock stuck in the brakes!!

Back onto bitumen they went...

Past the Glasshouse Mountains...

Angus doing a sterling job of navigating!!

Up the hill to Maleny!!

Out through Montville, then down the Razorback!!

Safely arriving at the Palmwoods Hotel for lunch!!

They must have known Angus was coming!!

After lunch and a refreshing soft-drink, it was time for everyone to head their separate ways home!!

Back in the shed - the flash not showing just how dusty Booger Mobile actually is!!

A fine layer of dust coats everything, but Giggle still smiles!!

A fantastic day was had, and even better news is that Booger Mobile is ready to rock and roll for esCarpade 2014!!

Stay tuned for some more blog updates over the coming months as the boys get ready for their 2014 esCarpade adventure!!

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