Sunday, 17 August 2014

2014 Brisbane Billycart Championships

Damian was invited by the Rotary Club of Carindale to MC the Brisbane Billycart Championships again in 2014.  After a couple of days of torrential rain, it was hit and miss whether the event would go ahead...

The safety team checked it out and made an executive decision to go ahead... and a great decision it was!!  The sun came out and the day was fantastic!!

Booger Mobile shiny and on display...

Camp Quality signage behind the trophies, in the presentation tent...

Adam came along to help out for the day...  As did Sandy, Tricia and Damian's boys!!

The starting ramp was a little damp early in the morning, but it was still an hour before the racing would kick off...

The view from the top... (the bottom of the ramp is disconnected for the youngest age bracket).

Sunshine, lollipops and a DRY TRACK!!

Always a good time to do a selfie, especially mid-speech!!

The mascot races were run and won...

The winner was Happy Dragon from St George Bank.

Best dressed team... (This cart was F-A-S-T!!  So fast, that it escaped the track through the end fence when the stoppers missed it...  Damian suggested with their winnings they might like to invest in some brakes!!)

Nicely turned out billycarts - working lights and horns and everything!!

Another themed cart...

Damian's boys getting ready for their race...

Flag time!!

Very close heat!!

Aidan went on to win second place in his division...

Booger Mobile safely back home!!

While Damian was performing MC duties, ably assisted by Adam on the whiteboard, Sandy, Aidan and Jordan were assisting with pushing carts around, and Tricia was collecting a $2 donation from vehicles coming in to park...  She collected an amazing $240.75!! 

In addition to this, the Rotary Club of Carindale is going to make a donation of $700...  before that arrives, the total for 2014 stands at $9985.25... less than $15 shy of the $10000 target!!


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