Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Fiddly stuff and planning for bigger things...

Damian had a bit of time to kill, so he figured a trip to the shed was in order to speak to Booger Mobile...

An engine cross-brace is going to be included for 2015.  Damian worked out that going back to a standard air cleaner would give enough clearance over the top...

But how to attach the brace?  Regular blog readers would remember these new strut towers from a couple of years back... They were a bit of a debacle in their present form, but Damian could use the base plate from them (with the standard strut towers sitting on top) to make a mounting point for the brace.

Step one - remove the welded on strut tower.

Through the magic of the interwebs, that didn't take long at all!!

Would you look at that!!  Both of them are done, now!!

Unfortunately, one of the cutting discs decided to self destruct while Damian was using them... one part hit his left hand, the other part got him in the shin!!  Ouch!!

A bit of paint was slapped on to protect them until Angus can come around to weld them up... it would have been black paint, but Damian found he had no black paint left!!

Next annoying fiddly bit was the breaker switch for the amplifier/sub woofer...  It had self destructed!!

That's better, a nice, shiny new switch!!  Of course, it's bigger, and the mounting point snapped when Damian attempted to use it, so it's held on with some super-sticky double-sided tape!!

Damian decided that a test drive would be in order, and since Jordan needed picking up from school, it seemed a good way to kill two birds with one stone!!

Unfortunately, a Kangaroo Bus Lines driver decided that giving way was optional, and did his/her level best to take out Booger Mobile (who was in an 80 zone, doing 80)!!  For all the fuel issues Damian has had with Booger Mobile, it's good to know that the brakes still work fantastically well!!

Having made it safely back into his shed, this is what happy Damian looks like!!

So, on the plus side, Booger Mobile is up and running.  On the negative side, it still coughed, farted and carried on for the first few km, even though Damian had left it idling for about 15 mins to warm up before heading off.  On an even bigger plus side - the brakes are awesome!!

Still lots to get done before esCarpade 2015... One thing that isn't an issue, is the fundraising - Damian has already passed the $5000 minimum, and has Soundwave on Saturday and Sunday (28 February, 1 March) in Brisbane.

If you are going to Soundwave in Brisbane, swing by the signing tent and say g'day to Damian!!

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