Friday, 6 March 2015

Fuel problems... surely there must be a solution???

So... this damned fuel problem is driving Damian insane... time to get to the bottom of it once and for all!!

First, car up on jack stands... safety first!!

Next, remove and inspect every piece of hose (all replaced previously), inspect and blow out metal fuel line between the tank and the pump (unable to remove from car easily)...

One tiny piece of hose (that connects the fuel tank to the metal fuel line) hasn't been replaced this time around, so it can get done too!!

Now, every single piece of rubber fuel hose has been replaced this month.

Damian did some more google-stalking and found that some people had experienced intermittent fuel problems due to an incorrectly set carby float level...  Off with the top of the carby!!

A check of a spare carby showed that the float level on this carby appeared to be lower than the spare carby...  Fixed!!  Float level adjusted...  (This means that more fuel remains in the carby bowl after the needle and seat stops fuel from coming through.)

Put the damn thing back together again, and hope for the best.

A snappy test drive around the block for a few km seemed to show that Booger Mobile was behaving itself... sadly, the fuel gauge was on E for enough, so Damian took Booger Mobile back to the shed...

Full test drive and results to follow.

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