Saturday, 7 March 2015

Test Drive... Fuel problem is...

RESOLVED!!  Or so it would seem... 

Damian took Booger Mobile out for a snappy 100km test drive up and over some local hills... (For those familiar with the area, he went through Caboolture to D'Aguilar, up and over Mt Mee, through Ocean View to Dayboro, then home via Petrie and Narangba.)

Booger Mobile at the Mt Mee lookout... turning heads as always!!

The intermittent fuel problem would finally seem to be resolved!!  Either that 2" of rubber hose, or the adjusting of the carby float level, (or a combination of the two), seem to have Booger Mobile running like a champion again!!

Damian isn't going to be super-comfortable about it until he's driven a few hundred more km and put a couple of tanks of fuel through, but so far, so good!!

Onward and upward - time to get cracking on some of the other bits and bobs (like the broken roof racks, perhaps some engine cross bracing etc).

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