Friday, 10 July 2015

Polish time... must look pretty for the Bayside to Bald Hills!!

With the Bayside to Bald Hills event just a couple of days away, Damian applied some elbow grease to Booger Mobile, which is a surprisingly good polish!!

Lights wired up and working...  (The green ones are working too, but they didn't feel like being lit up for a photo.)

Lights work at the front too... bonus!!

Looking good... and a full 12cm shorter than the previous rooftop ornament - meaning Damian can drive it out of the shed without removing the amber rotator!!

Looking good from this angle too!!

Let's face it, Booger Mobile looks good from any angle!!


That rooftop pod really needs more theming before esCarpade!!

And a big smile from Giggle to finish it off!!

The rooftop pod seems like it is going to be a good option for esCarpade 2015, but there's a lot of theming left to be done in the meantime!!

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