Sunday, 5 July 2015

Theming continues...

As the 2015 esCarpade gets closer, Damian figured he had best pull his finger out and get this year's theme sorted out... But first, a gratuitous plug for Shop Plumbing... commercial plumbers extraordinaire!!  Thanks for the loan of the gas axe, Jason!!

High up on the list of priorities is the reattachment of Booger Mobile's various horns...  The replacement of the strut tower braces meant that the horn mounting points were gone.  Damian made a special bracket to hold the claxton horn...

Close the bonnet with a  very carefully balanced camera set to timer, and voila!!  Clearance is checked!!

Time to start decorating the rear of the rooftop pod, which also needs to have some bracing for the attachment of the rear facing white light (a safety requirement of esCarpade).

Who can guess what this painting is going to be?

Got to top of the class if you guessed GIGGLE!!

Giggle gets a nose job, with the braced white light attached...

Only a week to go until the Bayside to Bald Hills fun run and family fun day, so make sure you get down to the Green Apple Wellness Centre at Bald Hills to see Booger Mobile in the flesh, and hear Damian on the mic (as MC, of course)!!

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