Saturday, 29 August 2015

Scrutineering Item - Idler Arm Removed

The one item that was required to be changed on Booger Mobile after scrutineering was the idler arm bush - this has been replaced before, and is obviously a painful item that needs a good smack!!

Before getting greasy though, it was time to do a bit of rim painting - they were looking a bit sad!

Nice chrome-coat paint around the outside... once dry, there will be a nice bright green on the inside!!

There is the idler arm...

And removed...  Next up, removing the bush on the right hand end!!

The magic of the interwebs...  not shown was the hack-sawing of the inside of the bush and much hammering and cursing!!

Voila!!  Bush is gone!!

Damian has received a nice shiny new bush - of a style he's never seen before.  It was a new-old-school aftermarket replacement idler arm bush that is a solid bush with bearings top and bottom...

All will be revealed shortly!!

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