Saturday, 26 September 2015

Pesty Problems - Replace Anything Not Yet Replaced!!

With the thoughts of last year's debacle fresh in Damian's mind almost 12 months later, he had a bit of a thought about what was left in the fuel and spark area that hadn't yet been replaced.

After a trip to the local auto parts store, it was time to replace the spark plugs, leads and coil pack, and also to install the new electronic distributor that he had previously purchased and was waiting for Angus to swing by to give him a hand...

This picture is just so that the boys knew which direction the rotor button was facing before removing the old distributor.

After lots of jiggling and wondering if it was the right size, the new distributor dropped snugly into place, and after a few more goes, the boys even got the rotor button to point the same direction as it had previously!!  On with the distributor cap (with shiny new leads and rotor button).

In breaking news that is sure to bring a smile to the faces of the scrutineers/mechanics on esCarpade, Damian has finally relented and removed the mechanical fuel pump (even though it was replaced unnecessarily in 2013 as regular blog readers would remember), and blanked off the hole in the side of the engine...  What would be used now?

A shiny, new, ridiculously priced, self-priming electric pump!!  The best part of the electric pump is that it does not attach to the side of the engine, it is attached safely behind the strut tower on the passenger side of the car, allowing it to keep cool.  Also replaced were all hoses, and the fuel filter!

Funny story - Damian figured that he would simply use the spare pole on the existing relay that feeds the coil pack (installed last year while chasing the sporadic problem around the engine bay).  Of course, most relays have one set of inputs, and two output poles that operate concurrently on the same switch.

With the switch in the OFF position, Damian hooked up the electric pump, only to have it spring into life...  Angus switched the switch to the ON position, and the feed to the coil pack came alive, and the electric pump stopped.  After much scratching of heads, Damian figured that the relay must use an ALTERNATING set of out poles...  and with a quick test of the relay with his multimeter, discovered this was the case!!  Luckily, he had a spare relay still in its packet sitting on the shelf in the shed, and with the new relay installed, both the coil pack AND the electric pump are now receiving power when the switch is on, and not when it's off!!

After a quick tune, Booger Mobile was humming beautifully... the engine seemed quieter and smoother - would this translate to better fuel economy?  Time would tell...  Lord knows it couldn't get any worse!!

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