Sunday, 13 September 2009

Ignitions, BW35's and blackjack!

Sunday morning rolled around, and Scottie arrived ready for another day of working on Booger Mobile. Damian had already been out shopping collecting bits and pieces needed for the engine (gaskets, welsh plugs etc), so that was all ready for Scottie when he arrived!

First things first, Booger Mobile was placed up on a set of jack-stands ready for a safe working platform...

Scottie got down to the dirty task of removing the Borg-Warner Series 35 (BW35) gearbox from the XD Falcon, while Damian started to reassemble the dash (connecting all the wires, lights and gauges etc).

Gee I hope Scottie knows where this part goes!!

Leaving Scottie to continue on the BW35 extraction, Damian had some official Camp Quality duties to attend to at the local Birch, Carroll and Coyle cinema where there was a charity screening of G-Force, a new kids movie. Once those duties were finished (including a gratuitous plug for Booger Mobile!!), he returned home to find the BW35 removed from the XD!

Scottie decided that Damian should have some dirty fun of his own, so Damian was tasked with black-jacking the underside of Booger Mobile to provide some sound deadening/underbody protection from rocks etc.

After Damian got out from under Booger Mobile looking like a black and white minstrel, Scottie cleaned the BW35, discovering that the dipstick casing was actually green!! Was it fate?

There were a few other goals kicked today by the boys. Damian managed to install the new ignition ready to fire the engine into life when the engine is finally installed.

The boys also managed to partially install some windscreen washer/sprayer nozzles (Damian says he's going to buy some little rubber noses to house the nozzle in), completed the sealing/installation of the fuel tank and filler pipe, painted the extractors using heat-proof paint and discussed how the roof lining might actually be installed!

All in all a great day was had, with plenty of progress being made!

The next showing for Booger Mobile is at the Kedron All Ford Day on Sunday September 20, 2009, so stay tuned for that one! Team Booger Mobile will be running a raffle that day, full details to come in the next couple of days.

Last but not least, there are some new sponsors coming on board shortly, so look out for that also!!! The momentum is building, and the boys are excited!!


  1. Well its back to the old grind stone Scottie and Damian go.
    Hope you both had some well deserved quality family time, might be a while before you get some again with the task ahead of you finishing off the BOOGER MOBILE.You can alway rely on Damian to have everything ready for Scottie to get stuck straight into the task ahead ( I think that Damian is a bit of a shopaholic)
    Very glad to see that you are following all the safty standards to a tee, we all know how accident prone Damian can be at times (LMAO)
    As usual Scottie had the heavy dirty task to get started on,while Damian does his clean but a little but tricky job its not easy to know which wire connects where, lets hope he got it right.While good old Scottie got on with his task of getting the bw 35 removed Damian had some time away to carry out his busy never ending schedule and getting a plug in for the BOOGER MOBILE at the same time well done.
    Good on you Scottie for having that nice task ready for Damian to get down and dirty when he arrived back.But black jacking I always thought that was a card game? learn something new everyday. Well every thing is looking great, and coming along like a house on fire.
    Will be anxiously waiting to read about the next showing at the KEDRON ALL FORD DAY and how the raffle goes .(good luck with that guys)
    Wow more new sponsers woo hoo can t wait to find out who else is getting on board the great BOOGER MOBILE,little wonder you are both excited and Im sure that all the followers of the BOOGER MOBILE are just as excited as you are, I know I am.
    Well done Scottie and Damian.

  2. Thanks Kaye for your comments they are allways a joy to read. Next working bee should see the engine in and fired up. As long as Damian did not cut the red wire we should have ignition...

  3. Thank you Scotty for all that you and Damian are doing it is a really wonderful thing, and it is my pleasure to make my comments, and I mean every word of them. I really enjoy writing them. Lets hope that the Booger Mobile engine roars into life with a lot of luck that Damian did the wireing correct.