Saturday, 19 September 2009

Kedron All Ford Day Preparation

After spending the day up at Imbil doing some 4wding, Damian returned home to do a bit of preparation for the Kedron All Ford Day on Sunday. First job, affixing the ACTUM Consulting stickers that had arrived in the mail on Friday.

He also grabbed the trusty black spray paint to fix up some of the overspray in the wheel arches that had been annoying him and Scottie for some time...

The rest of the prep work involved ensuring that the raffle tickets were all ready, that there were enough items ready to be put on display, and that the car was packed...

Oh, he also dropped Booger Mobile off the jack stands and back onto solid concrete!! (Well, he lowered it gently using a trolley jack, but whatever!!)

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Kedron All Ford day on Sunday 20 September 2009, at the sporting fields on Sixth Avenue Kedron. Spectators from 8:30am!

1 comment:

  1. Well I did nt see this one go up so bit late to comment sorry I was a bit busy myself.Glad that Damian got the BOOGER MOBILE down saftly without droping her on his foot.(ha ha)
    Great picture of BOOGER MOBILES rear with the new sponser ACTUM standing out.