Sunday, 20 September 2009

Kedron All Ford Day

Sunday morning rolled around and Scottie arrived bright and early. Booger Mobile was loaded onto the trailer as the sun rose, and the boys headed to the sports fields at Kedron ready for the Kedron All Ford Day. After some confusion at the gate (for some reason, they thought the boys were going there to put Booger Mobile up for swapping at the swap meet, rather than being entered in the show), Booger Mobile was positioned in a prime spot - first car on the right at the main entry gates!!

As you'll see in later photos, the field to the right of the picture above was completely full by mid-morning!!

The boys laid the raffle prizes out for display, and Damian got down to selling tickets!

A bit later in the day, Scottie's mother and brother turned up to see Booger Mobile. His brother donated a green frog, in keeping with donating items that are similar in colour to Booger Mobile!

This is the field to the right of Booger Mobile by mid-morning...

And looking down towards the back...

Swinging around to the left...

The rows across the entry and opposite Booger Mobile...

And finally, the rows along the front fence, with the swap meet in the background!

Apparently there were over 350 vehicles on display, some spectacular, some nicely turned out, some in original condition, and one Booger Mobile!!

At the end of the day, the raffle prizes were drawn. The second prize winner was very happy with his prize, and agreed to make a guest appearance on the blog!

At the end of the day, Damian disposed of the undrawn raffle tickets in a responsible fashion!!

Once again, many thanks to those who supported Booger Mobile by making a donation or purchasing raffle tickets, by providing helpful information, or to potential sponsors who were happy to have a sponsorship pack left with them for their consideration.

This was the last event scheduled for Booger Mobile for 2009 (at this stage). The boys had been invited to some other events, but unfortunately they clash with Camp Quality commitments that Damian has.

Hopefully this will mean that the boys will have some time to actually work on Booger Mobile, maybe even getting the engine and gearbox fitted!! They just need to find a 5 stud diff and they might even be able to put the mobile in Booger Mobile!!


    How dare they say that even to think that you would be willing to swap the "GREAT BOOGER MOBILE"(the cheek of it)
    Finding the best place as usual to show of the BOOGER MOBILE and her wares. Then Damian getting straight in to the business part, using all his wonderful charm too sell the raffle tickets and a good job he did selling them.
    Aways great when family come down to lend their support and what a great donation a beautiful green frog for the BOOGER MOBILE.
    There was a really nice lot of cars on show and did Simon get down there with FOXY? Thats a great picture of all the cars with that beautiful blue sky.
    Well done on the raffle Todd Utteridge looks very pleased with his prize.
    The BOOGER MOBILE has come a long way thanks to the dedication and lot of hard work that Damian and Scottie have put in, doing CAMP QUALITY proud. I for one am very happy to be associated with you both in my small way.
    Still a lot more of that hard work to come but it will all be worth whiled in the long run,so with that I once again say many thanks too both of you.