Sunday, 11 April 2010

Door Rubbers and Fun Switches!!

Sunday morning rolled around (as it does each week), and Scottie arrived ready to get into the remaining door-glass-seals... Having spent the entire day the previous weekend achieving a single door being completed, Scottie had an idea how it all worked, and would set himself the goal of getting the remaining three doors completed!!

First task was to remove the door handle, window winder and door skin. This task was made more interesting for Scottie due to the fact that Damian had put the clip the wrong way round on the window winder, making it far more difficult to remove. Damian suggested it simply made it more secure!! ;-)

While Scottie was doing door-glass-seals, Damian decided that mounting the UHF Radio was in order, and had a great idea about how to mount the five fun switches (LED lights, amber rotating light etc) - use a piece of angle in front of the UHF mount!

Meanwhile, Scottie wasn't pleased with the thickness of the front quarter glass rubber - it was a bit too thick for it to close nicely, so Scottie being Scottie, out came the angle grinder!!

Meanwhile, Damian was drilling... and drilling... and drilling...

Scottie got the quarter glass rubber to fit much more nicely!

Then Scottie got the rest of the driver's side front door back together again... He was certainly making awesome progress today!!

Damian continued to work on the UHF mount and switches, discovering that he needed to make a snappy trip to the hardware store (to buy more small bolts for Scottie to use, and) to buy some more foam tape and spade terminals.

Scottie started on the rear door - readers can tell this piece is for a rear door as it's being cut on an angle rather than square!!

The roofrack is as good a place as any for the door glass to rest safely!! Look at the grunge on the top of the car!! The boys are hanging out for the front and rear windows to be put back in so they can give it a wash!!

Damian completed the UHF mount and the mounting of the switches... then he set about wiring up the switches for ground and power for the lights (the switches light up when on).

Scottie was now doing the bailey channel for the driver's side rear door...

Scottie was busily installing all the various bits and pieces, then came to do the inner door belt... The photo below shows something interesting - they have sent the wrong part!! (The short one is incorrect - it should be the same length as the long one!!)

Which is funny, because the part numbers are the same - it must just be a packing issue...

Of course, it just wouldn't be Booger Mobile if there wasn't some debacle... Damian will have to chase down a replacement part sometime in the coming weeks...

Damian was using heat-shrink tubing to seal the wires he was joining to spade terminals, so Scottie decided to demonstrate to one of Damian's children how well they shrink onto your finger!! Sadly for Scottie, he underestimated a) how tight it gets and b) how HOT it gets!!

Gave Damian a good laugh though!!

After making a bunch of piggy-backed wires to connect the earth to, Damian noticed that they made a lovely star shape... Awwwwwwwwwwww...

Scottie was relaxing in the back seat, working on the final door-glass-rubbers!!

Damian got the switches hooked up to power and earthed out, flicked on the power, and POP. Fuse blown... After checking the wires weren't touching etc, he installed a new fuse and tried again... POP!! Fuse blown again!!

After discussing the issue with Scottie, it was decided that the power wire should go onto a different terminal, as the one that Damian had used (marked Accessory - so he reasonably thought that was where the power for the lights went in) wasn't correct.

After switching to the correct terminals (and installing ANOTHER new fuse), success!! You can just see the green glow in the image below.

And by the end of the day, the remaining three doors had their door-glass-rubbers etc installed, and the UHF Radio Mount and switch panel were completed...

Progress continues, slowly but surely, but with the esCarpade now only SIX MONTHS away, the boys are starting to get to the pointy end.

It's been a long, slow journey to this point, with seemingly many months to comfortably get stuff done, now it's starting to look as though time has sped up!!

Stay tuned for the next exciting episode!!


  1. Well done :D It's looking great!

    Another Booger Mobile sunday and as always Scottie arrives early ,just so he can have one of Damian now famous coffees(well worth the long drive)before he tackles the task of the day,THREE doors yes thats right three.Scottie had promised that he would finish all three doors in the one day, and of course Scottie being Scottie always keeps his promise.Well done Scottie great work.
    Fantastic work with the drill Damian,looks like perfect measurements on the angle where you drilled the hole for the UHF switches to go thru.
    No better place than the roof rack for those glass pieces for the windows to keep them from getting broken, and what a bit of grunge to clean off after all Damian and Scottie are experts now when it comes to cleaning and polishing the Booger Mobile back to the classical car it is.
    Whats a day working on the Booger Mobile with out having a laugh or two and this time we can thank Scottie for it.(I m still laughing ha ha that was funny).
    Yes it has been a long hard journey thus far with so many ups and downs, but a journey well worth doing to be in the "CAMP QUALITY" esCaparde 2010.
    Great pictures as always Damian.Thank you both for all the hard work and effort that you have put into doing it for the kids.
    Looking forward to the next exciting Booger Mobile Blog update.

  3. PS
    The CMK sponsor sticker looks great love the colour.Fantastic to see so many sponsors getting behind you and helping to do it for the kids