Saturday, 3 April 2010

"One day for the door rubbers" - Scottie

Scottie had previously been giving a run-down on how much more time he suspected was left on getting Booger Mobile ready for it's trip to get its blue mod plates...

"One day for the door rubbers" formed part of that run-down...

Scottie arrived this morning ready to tackle the door rubbers... first cab off the rank was the passenger side front door. Before moving onto the door rubber itself, the inner and outer door belts (to stop the water from leaking into the car) and the bailey channels (where the windows slide up and down in) need to be replaced (along with the quarter-glass rubber).

First step - remove the inner door trim etc and disassemble...

Then, remove the front quarter-glass...

The bailey channel and window need to come out also!!

This is factory fitted bailey channel that has been stapled through the metal to be attached!! Amazing stuff!!

And now it's all removed... wonder how it goes back together again??? Hopefully Scottie knows!!

Scottie the bailey channel wrestler... crikey... look at the size of this thing!!!

Meanwhile, Damian was plugging away attaching the plywood inserts that he created on Good Friday...

Scottie disassembled the quarter-glass... you wouldn't think there would be so many small parts joined together to hold one little bit of glass into a car!!

Time to trim the new piece of formed/supporting bailey channel to size...

By this time, Damian had completed the installation of the plywood insert... here's how it looks from the boot!

Damian then moved onto the highly technical job of installing the dash inserts for the demister... these connect to the heater under the dash...

Damian discovered that while the windscreen is out, he can have a Leonardo DiCaprio moment... "I'm the king of the woooooooooooooooooorld!!"

Meanwhile, Scottie continued working on the bailey channel and inner and outer door belts...

Damian had the delighful task of cutting the first hole in the nice new hoodlining to let the light shine through!! Luckily, he guessed well!!

And the light fitting was attached... the first of the inside "fiddly" bits to go on...

Damian then trimmed the rear glued down bits of the hoodlining and installed the rear window rubber seal... tricky little bugger, and it will probably fall down before the rear window is installed!!

The front passenger door was finally back together, but the window was a little tight... Damian suggested how to adjust it, and what do you know, it worked!! Scottie then worked a little of his magic, sliding the window up and down, up and down, up and down to seat the bailey channel nicely, and ensure that it was working well...

Once Scottie was satisfied that it was working correctly, it was all put back together... and here's the finished result!!

Only three more to go!! (Maybe Scottie meant one day for door rubbers PER DOOR!!)

Damian went to install the glove box, and discovered that not only were the glove box mounting points broken, but it couldn't be installed without removing the heater!!

Out came the heater... again...

Meanwhile, Scottie was glueing the quarter-glass rubber into place, but needed to wedge it so that it had good contact...

After some creative adjustment, and the collecting of better mounting point clips, Damian managed to get the glovebox installed...

Then Damian reinstalled the heater (again)...

Another day working on Booger Mobile drew to a close, and Scottie had to head home... He wanted to revise his estimate... but declined to do so for fear of putting the mocker on the project any further!!

Hopefully the next visit by Scottie will see at least another door or two done, and maybe even some door rubbers installed!!

Until next time, stay safe people, and have a great Easter!!


  1. Well .... I'm going to say it,,. 1 day to install the other 3 door rubber sets. The thing is the first one I done took soooo long because I had to figure out how to do the job. Now I got that in the memorey bank, the rest should be easy. lol... I proberly forget by time I next work on the BM.

  2. ONE DAYIERS (he he)
    Well guys Rome wasn t built in a day.
    being able to get one door finished in a day was a great effort.With all the bits and pieces to put together it really is a big task to complete, so well done Scottie.Thankfully Scottie being Scottie was able to piece it all back together again, and I m sure Damian let out a big sigh of relief when everything was all back in place, and with a excellence bit of team work they got the window to wind very smoothly up and down.
    Mighty fine job on my favorite part of the Booger Mobile,it really came up a treat(just a pity about the carpet, maybe someone out there can find you a better one you just never know)
    All in all a lot was achieved in the long day,getting a lot of tedious tasks out of the way, and I m sure now that Scottie has done one door, the other three will be a breeze to do.
    Wonderful pictures as always Damian, especially the one of you being you,always a laugh a minute.
    Only seven months to the CAMP QUALITY 2010 esCarpade. Will the Booger be ready in time?Yes of course the Booger Mobile will be ready and rearing to go.Only because of two AWESOME guys named Damian and Scottie.
    Well done doing it for the kids.
    Thank you both.

  3. Just over six months till esCarpade actually... time's flying by at a rate of knots!!