Sunday, 25 April 2010

Damian's Birthday - Shed Cleaned Up!!!

The day started bright and early at Team Booger Mobile HQ (aka Damian's place), because it was Damian's birthday!! Scottie arrived to find Damian sitting up in bed having a coffee with his family and presents...

Damian and family migrated to the kitchen table, with presents etc in tow!! (The inappropriate card in the middle of the photo is from Scottie of course!!)

Damian's family gave him a cool new tool chest with tools!!

Scottie gave Damian some scratchies, and in keeping with Damian's usual luck, he scratched a whopping THREE DOLLARS!! Woot!! Damian intends to donate this back to Instant Scratch-It in the form of another three one dollar scratchies!!

Damian's boys decided that Tonka should join the festivities and attached a bow... Tonka gave up trying to remove it and had a nap!

After coffee and pancakes (birthday breakfast!!), the boys headed to the shed, where Damian got to work gluing on more door rubbers...

Scottie used some "gentle persuasion" to adjust the shape of the front seat mounting plates to match the floor pan...

Scottie then wanted a road trip to collect some more bits and pieces... Damian pointed out that since it was Anzac Day, nothing would be open. Scottie decided that it was time to sort out the mess in the shed - get tools back in order, and make a pile of rubbish to be thrown out etc.

This is what it looked like to begin with... (Actually, this is after Scottie had already moved a heap of stuff!)

Meanwhile, Damian kept on gluing, finishing his second door!!

Damian's son Aidan decided to try out Booger's head - his feet are the snot!!

Damian's boys also helped him out by putting all the tools into his new tool chest...

Damian had moved onto the third door rubber, only to run out of special glue 3/4 of the way around! He will have to wait until Monday for the shops to open again!!

Scottie had continued cleaning the shed, sorting tools from junk, junk from useful stuff, useful stuff from stuff suitable to sell on Ebay...

Damian's shed hasn't been this clean since it was built!!

Outside the shed, there was a pile of metal junk to be loaded into the XD and dumped at some stage...

And a pile of general garbage that Damian will feed into his wheelie bin over the coming weeks...

No day working on Booger Mobile would be complete without Damian having painted something black... this time, it was a set of small nuts and bolts to attach some more LED safety lights!

And here they are nice and black!!

After cleaning up the shed, Scottie had moved onto trial fitting the exhaust... Here's what the exhaust tip looks like sticking out behind Booger Mobile!!

Damian had attached another set of amber ultra-bright LED lights to the front and rear of the roof-rack (far left and far right of the image below). These will be wired into the same controller as the first set of amber LED lights.

At the end of the day, the shed had been cleaned, more LED lights attached, some more door rubbers attached (damn running out of glue!!), front seat bracing mounts adjusted and a list of remaining tasks compiled for stuff to be completed in order for registration to take place...

Oh, there was also some official paperwork completed, and discussions about hotel accommodation for the esCarpade.

A great day was had, and Booger Mobile continues to move forward... There are a few items that are holding up progress at this point, but once they are sorted out, hold on to your hats because it's all going to happen quickly!!!

1 comment:

    What a wonderful way to start such a special day.
    With your lovely wife Trisa and your two boys,knowing just the right way to spoil you.
    Scottie would of had a real big smile on his face upon seeing your great gifts.(John just complained saying I don t spoil him with such great gifts, think that might be a big hint for fathers day)
    Maybe the boys should have tied up Damian s long hair with the ribbon, I m sure Tonka would not have mined.
    Scottie is always great at adjusting the shape of parts for the Booger Mobile,excellence job as always Scottie.With Damian expertize at gluing, the door seals are looking real smooth.
    Fantastic Idea to clean all the unwanted crap ect from the shed floor, now Scottie can skip bare footed without hurting his feet.What a difference the cleanup made and with Damians two boys doing a great job on sorting, and arranging his new tools into his niffty new tool box.
    Great pictures as always Damian well done.
    Thank you for sharing you special day with all of us. You both are very special for the "AWESOME" things that you do for "CAMP QUALITY"
    and for what you are doing with the BOOGER MOBILE.