Monday, 3 May 2010

Team Booger Mobile Clean Up Fraser Island!!

Regular blog readers may have been wondering what Team Booger Mobile (aka Scottie and Damian) get up to in their spare time...

Well, not satisfied with merely building a car and fundraising for Camp Quality, the boys headed over to Fraser Island for the annual 4WD Qld Fraser Island Clean Up!!

Enjoying the calm conditions on the barge across...

Scottie went up top to take a photo of Damian down below taking a photo of Scottie up top taking a photo of Damian down below taking a photo of Scottie up top...

Scottie's turn to be King of the World!!

The beach where the boys were camped...

During the clean up, Damian's boys found an official sign that had been washed away and wedged under a tree!!

After spending the morning cleaning up, it was party time, with Tania Kernaghan touching Damian on the elbow for the third year running!! (It's become a bit of an in joke in the 4WD Club).

This year, she even signed Damian's arm WHILE touching his elbow!!

Damian and Tricia took a windswept self portrait - it was absolutely blowing a gale the whole weekend!!

So there you have it!! Even the hardest working team in the known universe deserves a weekend off every now and then - even if they want to spend it cleaning up one of Australia's (if not the world's) best holiday destinations!!

Stay tuned for further posts - it's a big week this week!!


  1. and the pictures... no wait 'evidence' of the clean up is where???


  2. The gloves and the plastic bag behind Damian don't give it away @ Lawz?

    What a fantastic way to get in some special family time, and do you ever deserve it.
    How awesome, and what a great thing to be doing all together.There seems to be no end to what Team Booger will do to help.
    Wonderful pictures as always, telling the story of the latest adventure of the "MIGHTY"Team Booger Mobile.What ever will they be up too next,can 't wait till the next exciting blog.
    Thank you Damian ,Scottie and all the family.
    PS.Love the picture of Tricia and Damian on a very windy but beautiful beach.