Sunday, 30 May 2010

Camp Quality Senior Sibs Camp

Been a quiet couple of weeks at Team Booger Mobile HQ, as Damian was away at the Camp Quality Senior Sibs Camp 2010. This year's theme was PIRATES!!

Here's Damian with illustrious Camp Leader Richard!! Looking fresh on the first day of camp!!

Byron Bay was beautiful, and some of the campers had a swim, while others climbed to the lighthouse or shopped!

Dinner the first night and the boys in Damian's cabin decided moustaches were the go!! Damian's moustache would come unstuck if he smiled, hence the intense look!!

Saturday night was dinner and disco night, so everyone got dressed up in their finest pirate gear, and took over the Lennox Heads Bowls Club. Damian was a little confused about the correct position of the eye patch!!

A great camp was had by all, and by Sunday night a bunch of tired and happy campers and companions were all home, looking forward to next year's camp!

1 comment:

  1. Looks like a fun time was had by all campers and companions.Bet Damian opped to go shopping rather than climb the lighthouse.
    We even got to see Damian's very serious side,don t think anyone wants to see that again, as it was quite a scary sight, with that moe and all.
    But what a jolly pirate he was even if he didn t have a clue on where the eye patch should be worn.