Sunday, 6 June 2010

Console, air horns, fiddly stuff!!

Sunday morning rolled around, and Scottie took the opportunity to attend a car show and swap meet at Caboolture on the way to Team Booger Mobile HQ.

After arriving (and coffee of course!!), it was down to work. There were a number of small, annoying items that needed resolving - first cab off the rank was the battery clamp!

Out with the battery tray...

Meanwhile, Damian was looking for somewhere to mount the musical air horns... Scottie suggested the lovely diagonal brace on the right hand side of the picture below... Great idea Scottie!!

Scottie completed the battery clamp adjustment - champion effort there!!

While Damian mounted the trumpets for the musical air horns, adding a splash of colour under the bonnet!!

Scottie moved on to bogging and sanding the console surround for the gear shifter...

And welded up a window fling-flang so the last window can be completed... (Check the comments for the correct name - no doubt Scottie will let everyone know!!)

The console was completed and painted - looks awesome on the concrete!!

And installed, it looks even better!!

Damian's friends Elli and Steve (who do many of the stickers for Booger Mobile) turned up to measure up the next lot of stickers and get details... Steve advised Damian to trim the holes where the side boards were attached to remove the slight lip from drilling...

Scottie took a photo of Damian's hands... or is it just one enormous hand with lots of fingers???

The engine bay - pretty much complete!! That big air cleaner will probably be replaced with a K&N filter (if there are any K&N filter reps out there - please contact Damian!!).

Of course, what's the point of having Booger Mobile driveable if you can't take it for laps!! Check out the videos below!!

Scottie driving around the front paddock:

Booger Mobile's lights and air horns, all controlled from within the car!!

Booger Mobile, parked safely back in the shed after it's trips around the paddock!! Funny thing is that Damian didn't notice that Booger's head was still on the roof when he reversed out - good thing it cleared the doors, otherwise Damian would have been very, very sad!!

So that's where Booger Mobile stands for the moment... Sadly, the boys aren't going to have it ready for the car show up in Rockhampton (that has proceeds to Central Queensland Camp Quality), but it will be on the road soon... verrrrrrrrry soon!!


  1. Hehe, I'm a little bit air-horned out actually, after the kerfuffle with the earth, but I'm sure Paul will appreciate hearing them.

    The drive around the paddock was apparently the highlight of Cheyenne's weekend, and it has been immortalised in her school writing diary. "On the weekend I went for a drive in the Booger Mobile"

  2. Woot!! Booger Mobile is getting more famous by the day!!

    With only the fiddly bits and pieces to finish off on the Booger Mobile, things don t seam to be such a hassle as normally they would be.
    No matter what time Scottie arrives to work on the Booger Mobile, it is always a good time to have one of Damian's now famous coffees before he starts on the tasks for the day.
    The first thing was to get the battery clamps sorted and in no time at all Scottie had it done, and was ready to move onto the next task at hand.
    In the mean time , with a bit of advice from Scottie about where to fit the air horns,Damian had expertly mounted them into position.The bright red musical air horns look really great against the Boogers green I must say, well done Damian.
    Wow just look at that console what an excellence piece of work, well done Scottie, it looks and fits perfectly.
    The engine bay is looking really great as well, but wouldn't expect it to be anything else but great from Damian and Scottie.
    A cruize around Damian paddock is a must now that Booger Mobile is drivable.Not long now and the BM will be able to cruize along the highways.
    Camp Quality esCarpade 2010 is drawing ever closer, but the Booger Mobile will be ready and rearing to go way before then.
    Great days work as always, and the pictures and videos fantastic, telling the story of the building of that classical Booger Mobile.
    Thank you Damian and Scottie,always doing it for the kids.