Sunday, 13 June 2010

Modification Overview

Damian is playing in a basketball tournament this weekend, so there's no Boogerising around happening... however...

There have been a few requests about the list of modifications that have been made to Booger Mobile while Scottie and Damian have been rebuilding it from the ground up...

Here's a delightful video where Damian gives a rundown of the major modifications...

For further (more detailed) information about the specifics of the modifications, check out the following blog posts from the archive:

Booger Mobile as purchased:

Booger Mobile in pieces being painted:

Engine in, gearbox started:

VS Commodore Radiator:

Cutting in the BW35:

Master Cylinder:

Cross member adjustment and shims for XD disc brakes:

Rims and hooking up the brakes:

Steering wheel installed:

Carpet (cut around BW35):

Custom console for BW35:



  1. WHAT NO BOOGERISING Scottie won t know what to do, but then again it will be a good day to spend time with his family.
    With Damian off on a winning streak in the Basketball tournament he still can t stay away from the Booger Mobile, and has done a fantastic video of all the great modifications,on the BM.
    and is it ever looking the Classic Ford except for the Holden master cylinder and the VS Commodore Radiator which I quite sure Scottie was very happy to have a bit of Holden in the Booger Mobile.All done and said Booger is looking great, and will be soon doing great thing to raise funds for Camp Quality, as that's what TEAM BOOGER MOBILE is all about doing it for the kids.
    Thank you Damian Scottie and Booger Mobile you are all so so"AWESOME" well done.
    Hope you have a great winning day at the Basketball tomorrow Damian

  2. Also.... and you just knew there was going to be an Also. We have a custom home made centre console to cover the ugly bits of the XD Falcon 3 speed T- Bar shifter. The front screen is a new laminated version, all body rubbers have neen replaced with new repoduction versions, there is a custom home made gearbox X-member to hold the XD falcon BW35 3 speed auto box in place and the widscreen washer squirters are out of a XD Falcon with a XB falcon radiator overflow bottle to catch all the nasty stuff.
    Tyres are Kumho R700 rally tyres as used in the Australian Rally Championship as a control tyre. The XY 250 engine gasses exit a set of aftermarket extractors through a larger exhaust pulled from a XP falcon. And lets not forget the comfortable "AIR CONDITIONING" It's the powerfull 2/60 version as fitted standard to very special XM falcons like the Booger Mobile is. How does this system work I hear you ask.... 2 windows down and travel at 60mph.... lol

  3. Yes, Scottie, thanks for that!! I was going to mention a few of the finer details, but ran out of video!! ROFL...

  4. Well thank you Scottie for bringing us all fully up to date,on the few minor things that Damian had run out of video time for.I especially love the part about your "AIR CONDITIONING" But what the heck the Booger Mobile is the one and only Classical car, because of two "AWESOME" guys.
    Damian and Scottie well done too both of you

  5. But wait there's more.... I forgot to mention the doubble overhead roof racks, flashing led lights, led reverse lights, xm sedan gears swapped into the XP ute diff, uhf cb radio, green acc switches,custom homemade brake lines and the nut behind the

  6. WHAT MORE ?
    you forgot one other thing. the spare nut in the passengers seat LMAO