Saturday, 13 February 2010

Rims, Brakes, Steering stuff...

What a big few days Boogerising around it has been for the boys!! Since Sunday is Scottie's birthday (and Damian's wedding anniversary), the boys decided that Saturday would be a more appropriate day for working on Booger Mobile.

Scottie arrived to find Damian completing the blog about his visit to the Kumho Tyres head office, and after a quick coffee, they were quickly into action!

Not having seen the Kumho R700 tyres yet, Scottie was particularly keen to get to the shed. By the time Damian arrived, Booger Mobile was sporting a nice new set of R700's on invisible rims!!

Scottie then got to work removing the tie rods from Booger Mobile, so that the tie rod ends could be replaced and the front hubs and disc brake assemblies could be installed.

While he was doing that, Damian began cutting some custom Kumho Tyres stickers for the front of Booger Mobile - the full size sticker wouldn't fit into the spot available, so he hand cut a new sticker from the old one!

And here's the finished product on the driver's side...

Meanwhile, Scottie was still loving the new Kumho R700 tyres... perhaps he's enjoying the tyres a little *too* much, giving them a friendly hug and all!!

Here are the freshly painted and partially reassembled tie rods, with shiny new tie rod ends!

And what better to do with a freshly painted part, than to use vice grips to hold it while you adjust the ends!!

Here's the passenger side Kumho Tyres custom sticker...

Damian's son Aidan decided to get in on the act, so Damian stood him in the middle of the stack of Kumho tyres...

Anyone can stand on their feet, so how about head first?????

This is the full-size Kumho Tyres sticker on the driver's side.

And what do you know, there's another on the passenger side!! Four tyres on the road, four stickers on the car!!

Since Sunday is Scottie's birthday, he decided that morning tea should be a time to celebrate it with his "other" family...

It was one of those really annoying tune-playing candles!!

Would you buy a used car from this man? Scottie gives the camera his best used car salesman/real estate agent look!!

Damian's wife Tricia decided that she too should have a turn in the Kumho R700's... She was unamused when Damian said he could now see her spare tyre!! Damian, on the other hand, was amused, and that's all that matters!!

Not wanting to miss out on the fun, Damian's younger son Jordan decided he also wanted a turn... first right way up...

Then, upside down! You'd think that they'd never seen a stack of six Kumho R700 rally tyres before!!

While the shenanigans were going on, Scottie was busy installing the front wheel hubs, and tie rod ends...

Look at those wonderful colours!! Something for the scrutineering team to enjoy!!

And there's one on the driver's side too!!

Damian and Aidan cleaned the new 15" rims ready for painting...

First up, chrome around the outside edge... Noone cares about the tyres - they are going to be pitched once the new Kumho tyres are put on! (After the painting is finished!)

Jason Sheather from Jason Sheather Plumbing popped around and stayed to lend a hand with some of the interesting brake line bending that was taking place...

And here's one completed rim, with the old tyre blackened for the photo!

And how does it look on the car I hear you ask? Fantastic!!

Meanwhile, the brake lines were starting to snake their way around the engine bay...

And the rims were magically transformed... or maybe Damian painted them...

And here's Booger Mobile, with a couple of painted rims in place for the photo... It's really starting to come together now!!

So that was how the boys spent their Saturday! Booger Mobile is now starting to reach the point where the end of the mechanical stage is within sight, and if they say it quickly, it doesn't seem like all that much!!

Of course, there's still the whole INSIDE to be done, and Booger's head, and...

Be sure to tune in for the next exciting episode... Same bat-time, same bat-channel, same batty people!! Happy Valentine's day for Sunday!!

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  1. Working on the Booger on saturday was a really excellent idea, that way leaving sunday free to spend your special days with your respective familys
    Happy Birthdayu Scottie and Congrats Damian and Trisha,valentines day is indeed very special for you all enjoy every minute.
    The Kumbo Tyres sticker came up a treat and looks fantastic on Boogers green.
    The way Scottie is hugging the Kumbo R700 you would think all his chrismas had come at once Don t blame him one bit it must have been a wonderful feeling hugging and smelling that new tyre smell.Booger Mobile will now be a real safe drive on and off the beaten track, thanks to the great sponsership of Kumbo Tyres.
    Red and yellow blue and that special booger green (which can been any coloured green) what a lot of colours under Booger the scrutineering team will see.
    Well it really must have been a fun day working on the Booger Mobile.with everything going so well, it really show that 2010 is the year of
    the Booger Mobile.Only eight months to go till the CAMP QUALITY esCarpade 2010 and Booger is well on the way too being completed arriving there in trueClassical Booger Mobile style.
    Thank you Scottie and Damian for all your tireless work for the great cause of "CAMP QUALITY" DOING IT FOR THE KIDS
    PS Happy valetines day have a good one