Saturday, 27 February 2010

Tyres on rims, front suspension fitted!!

It's been a busy couple of days for Damian... not only has he been running around finding parts and attempting to get some work done between times, but he also went and got the six Kumho R700 tyres fitted to the rims!!

The man at the tyre place even complimented Damian on the paintwork on the rims... Damian was stoked, as he had painted them!!!

Sadly, as is so often the way in Team Booger Mobile, there was a rim debacle... two of the rims were so badly out of shape that they were unusable!! If you look closely at this picture, you can see the way the rim bends inwards - it acutally moves around 1-2cm when the wheel rotates... It would seem that the vehicle these rims came off probably slid sideways into a gutter or something similar, as both were bent in the same fashion...

Of course, this means that Damian will have to locate (and paint) another two rims, then take the rims back to the tyre place and have the tyres swapped over... Still, Damian has a growing collection of painted rims - maybe they'll become hose reels!!
Saturday morning rolled around, and Damian had some more errands to run (such as going to his brother's house to borrow the flaring tool so that Scottie can finish the brakes on Sunday), and attempt to find some rear wheel cylinders. No luck with the wheel cylinders, but the flaring tool was located and borrowed!!
Returning home, Damian's son Aidan decided to help paint some things black...

Then Damian set about installing the front suspension - first using the spring compressor to squash the new heavy-duty Lovells spring...
Is it there yet?

No, keep compressing...

Once the spring was compressed far enough to muscle it into position, Damian removed the strut tower (to drop the strut through the top)... This is the view looking down...

And from below, this is what the spring looks like in place, but still compressed...

Damian installed the strut and the spring, removing the compressors in what is a very time consuming and difficult task...

And the strut tower was replaced also!

The passenger side was also completed...

And here is the completed job, with magnificent colours and that Kumho tyre!!

Scottie is due down on Sunday, and with any luck, Booger Mobile will be down off the jack stands!!


  1. Awesome work there mate..... me getting excited now. I was kinda hopeing you would tackle the front springs as I know how much of a pain they can be .... A bit like Patrol springs eha. hehe.

  2. Something always has to go wrong on the Booger Mobile,just to keep you on your toes.Just a pity that you didn t see it before you had painted the rims.At least it was only two of them, would have been a real bugger if all of them were wobbley you would have to change Boogers name to Wobbley Bogger Mobile he he.
    What an excellence fitting of the suspenison springs Damian, no wonder Scottie was excited you both are so AWESOME for what you are doing fot the good of "CAMP QUALITY"
    Was really great to finally meet you in person Scottie and to see the wonderful BOOGER MOBILE in the flesh.To also hear the engine roar into life" WOO HOO "it sounded unreal,real sweet.
    Was also great to see you again Damian and thank you for the two dollar tour loved every minute of it(was much more than a two dollar tour)
    Looking forward to the next exciting update on the blog.
    Thank you Damian and Scottie