Friday, 12 February 2010

Platinum Sponsor - Kumho Tyres

Team Booger Mobile are proud to announce the arrival of their third Platinum Sponsor, Kumho Tyres.

Kumho Tyres offer a range of tyres to suit all makes and models, from passenger cars to 4wd's, commercials and trucks, through to performance and race tyres.

Some of the interesting tyres that Kumho have are coloured smoke tyres (where the tyres look black, but produce coloured smoke for demonstration/promotion purposes),

Aroma tyres (which smell like lavender rather than rubber), and also the world's largest passenger car tyre - a massive 32 inch tyre to suit a Hummer!!

On top of supporting Team Booger Mobile by supplying six R700 rally tyres, Kumho Tyres also have donated $100000 to the McGrath Foundation to fund breast care nurses.

Next time you are in the market for new tyres, go with those who support Team Booger Mobile (and other great causes) - Kumho Tyres!

Visit Kumho Tyres on the web by clicking here:

1 comment:

  1. Wow another great sponsor on board the BOOGER MOBILE,and what a wonderful sponsor to have in "KUMHO TYRES" Booger will now, well and truely look the great Classic car that it is with those beautiful R 700 rally tyres.
    Love the red smoke ones but Im not to sure if the guys down at the drags would like to smell lavender when they do burnouts, they love the smell of good old fashion burning rubber.
    Welcome aboard the Booger Mobile "KUMHO TYRES"