Monday, 22 February 2010

Big day... lots of parts and other items arrive!!

Well, Damian had a big day of running around today... First, he headed into town to bank the money from fundraising at the Soundwave Festival... stay tuned for a fundraising update...

On the way through, Damian stopped off at the Camp Quality head office to collect some raffle prizes donated by one of Camp Quality's fabulous volunteers Keyra...

After that, it was off to Autobarn to collect the steering wheel and boss kit that had been ordered, then an email arrived to let Damian know that the Lovells Springs were ready for collection!

Damian collected the Lovells Springs... they are pretty and blue!! Heavy duty, standard height front coil springs...

And heavy duty, standard height rear leaf springs.

Here they are compared to the XD spring (on the left), the original XM spring (on the right), with the new Lovells Springs at the front. They look markedly shorter, but a check of the part number shows that they are indeed heavy duty, standard height. Note how much thicker the coil steel is!!

And here are the rear leaf springs - the old ones warn out and tired... the new ones with more leaves and painted blue!!

The boys can't wait for the weekend to get the springs installed - once this is done, Booger Mobile will be back on it's wheels!!

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  1. WOW you really did have a big day,today Damian and what a great lot of raffle prizes from Keyra, thanks a million for that. I m sure that Damian and Scottie will have some great Ideas on how to raise a lot of funds for CAMP QUALITY with that lot.
    Scottie will have a big smile on his face when he next comes to work on the Booger Mobile with all those much needed parts arriving. Now he will be well and truly able to spring into action with his trusty side kick Damian.
    Onwards and forward Team Booger Mobile for the great cause of "CAMP QUALITY"