Saturday, 20 February 2010

Soundwave Fundraising SUCCESS!!

Scottie was down early as per usual, and he and Damian hopped on the train to head into the Soundwave Festival at the Brisbane RNA Showgrounds. They had to be there by 9am to have induction etc and be shown where to go, what to do etc etc...

Just getting to the RNA was quite an adventure!! After getting off the train at Bowen Hills station (in their Camp Quality giggle shirts), Scottie and Damian were walking towards the RNA showgrounds when a black unmarked police car with three plain clothes police inside drove slowly past. Damian pointed them out to Scottie - mentioning that no doubt they were part of a large police presence for Soundwave.

After walking about 500m further up the road, the black unmarked car came back around (having done a lap of the block and turned towards Scottie and Damian - Damian mentioned to Scottie that no doubt they were going to stop and talk to us, and they put their indicator on and started turning into a driveway - as they did this, Damian turned and pretended to run away, before resuming walking in the direction they were already travelling... After nearly being run over by the black car (don't they realise that pedestrians have right of way when they are turning from a roadway into a driveway???), the boys kept walking before being called back by the constabulary.

The conversation that ensued went from the sublime to the ridiculous... in short, it was something like this:

Police: Show badge, intro... blah blah this is who we are... what are you up to today?

Damian: Points to camp quality shirt - heading to Soundwave to do some fundraising for Camp Quality.

Police: Got some ID?

Boys hand over ID.

Police: You haven't got a pound of weed in your bag do you?

Boys - errr no....

Police: Camp Quality eh? So you have a blue card then?

Damian - of course I do... (Wondering what the point is!)

Anyway, to make a long story short, eventually the boys were allowed on their way... Now the boys understand that the police have a job to do and all, but doesn't the Camp Quality shirt kind of give it away a bit??????

After arriving at the designated gate and some initial confusion, the boys eventually found who they were meant to meet there, and waited for a fair while, with Damian playing "spot the copper" as a large contingent filed in through the gates in plain clothes - including the three that had stopped the boys earlier that morning... Hey, they had to do something to pass the time!

Eventually, the boys were taken to the signing tent, and the job of stamping and marking bands on tickets begun. There were only 100 signing tickets available for each band that was taking part in the signing (none of the headline acts were, as there would be a riot!!), and many hands made light work!!

Scottie and Damian all set up, with Jo from the Soundwave Festival jumping in on the act!! Note how nicely the books were lined up (in alphabetical order)... This lasted all of 30 seconds once the tickets went onsale!!

The outside of the signing tent where Scottie and Damian spent their day out Soundwave! This was taken after the initial ticket rush, which saw a number of bands sell out, and three hours disappear in the blink of an eye!!

And this is the view from the signing tent door - stages 1 and 2 with the large screen for those at the back!

The first band to arrive at the signing tent was Creep Show...

As more and more bands arrived at their allocated time, the crowds swelled!

Outside, the crowd began to swell to capacity!!

Anvil in the signing tent - the crowd roared when they appeared, and Jo was mega-excited also!! Apparently they are one of her favourite bands ever!!

The Aquabats turned their hand to tattooing with the sharpies!

And not to be outdone, one of the Reel Big Fish put an extra amount of concentration into this signature!! (The giggle face has a great view from there also!!)

More bands, more happy patrons, and more money raised for Camp Quality!!

Damian managed to get a bunch of posters signed by bands, but then forgot to pick them up when the boys left... D'oh!!

At the end of the day, nine bands sold out their allocation of tickets, with a fairly even spread across the remaining ten bands. Out of 1900 tickets available, the boys had sold 1413 at $2 each, raising an incredible $2826 for Camp Quality!!

Stay tuned for a fundraising total update after Damian banks the money!

Oh, and one last thing... Getting home from the Soundwave Festival also was quite an adventure! Having sold out of tickets for the remaining bands to do their signing, the boys were able to scoot out early to miss the rush.

Hopping back on the train at Bowen Hills, the boys were relaxing after a long day (with ringing ears), when at Toombul a bloke hopped on the train drinking a can of Jack Daniels and cola. Damian could tell by the look of him that he was potentially trouble... After finishing his can and disposing of it under the seat, he continued to sit there, staring at the boys...

A short time later, some train security guards walked past, telling a nearby passenger to get her feet off the seats. After they had left the carriage, Damian said to Scottie "What are those little security guards going to do? Laugh us off the train?" Scottie agreed, and Damian laughed, pointing at Scottie and saying "You, off the train" and laughing...

At this point, the previously identified "potential trouble" decided to chime in, staring at Damian and threateningly hissing "Are you having a go at me"... Talk about paranoid delusions!! Damian told him that no, he wasn't talking to him, he was speaking to Scottie and that it was nothing to do with him... Clearly the agitated, somewhat paranoid troublemaker was itching for a fight, as shortly after he accosted another young traveller who happened to be walking past...

The troublemaker moved to the edge of his seat nearest the aisle, so Damian adjusted posture and adjusted the position of his bag so that he could stand quickly if required... After sitting glaring at the boys for another 1/2 dozen stations, thankfully the troublemaker got off at Carseldine without any further incident. Kids... that's why you should SAY NO TO DRUGS!!

Damian commented to Scottie "See, I told you it was the Camp Quality shirt!!"

(For obvious reasons there are no photos of these two incidents.)

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  1. WOO HOO let the fun begin, fun raising that is , and what a fantastic fund raiser it was with a bit of adventure and lots of fun.
    Typical Damian always one to stir up trouble, and with the plain clothes police,wouldn t you know it.Now if I was them I would have checked you out as well.Two long haired hippy types wearing T shirts with giggle faces on them, especially when one of them namely DAMIAN heads off the other way all of a sudden, not a smart move (what I ed like to know is where did you hide your stash ha ha)Lucky for Damian and Scottie they finally realized that they were just two of the good guy going to raise funds for the great cause "CAMP QUALITY"
    Great lot of pictures as always.
    Good to have someone as fun loving as Jo there she really would have made you feel welcome with her fun loving way.
    Was great to see the crowd getting bigger and bigger what a wonderful time was had by all. But most of all the amount of tickets sold raising a fantastic sum for "CAMP QUALITY"
    Another long and tiring day for to awesome guys doing there bit for the kids.Thank you Damian and Scottie