Sunday, 28 February 2010

Rear suspension fitted, Booger Mobile back on it's wheels!!

Sunday rolled around all too quickly, bringing with it a couple of things... Of course, there was the usual weekly visit to Team Booger Mobile HQ (aka Damian's house) by Scottie, then there was the exciting prospect of Kaye and her husband John coming to visit (all the way from WA) to check out Booger Mobile... regular blog readers may recognise Kaye as "Special K from WA"!!

More about that later... first of all, Scottie had a birthday present to brag about - a flash new toolkit...

After the usual shenanigans, Scottie began attempting to finish the fitting of the brake lines... He was a bit unhappy about the abundance of wires that were in his way, so he set about removing as many as he could to get a clear work area...

Meanwhile, Damian was preparing brackets etc for mounting the rear springs and shocks...

What Damian didn't realise was that Scottie's idea of "moving the wires out of his way" involved ripping them back through the firewall, undoing some of Damian's hard work...
Damian looked under the back of Booger Mobile and realised that there was a section that still required black-jacking... it was left because the diff was in the way, so he figured he had best get it done before the diff was reinstalled and back in the way again!!

It's a dirty, DIRTY job, but someone has to do it!!

This was Damian coming up for air, before heading under for the other side... Shortly afterwards, Damian bathed in thinners, then petrol before finally having a shower to clean it all off, then getting back into it again!!

Meanwhile, Scottie finished the routing of the brake lines, and began putting the wires etc back where they came from...

The completed black-jacking!!

Damian then began to get the rear leaf springs ready for installation, these are the front bushes... Expensive little buggers they are - those four bushes you can see cost $71...

Lunch time arrived, and the boys stopped for a bite to eat... they'd no sooner finished, then who should arrive??? Kaye and her husband John! This is Kaye posing with Booger Mobile while Scottie pretends to work...

Kaye had a special surprise for the boys... one of her friends Denis (from makes embroidered hats (among other things), and made up some Team Booger Mobile hats for the boys!! Damian loves his bucket hat...

Kaye and John stayed long enough to hear the Booger Mobile's engine started (pretty exciting stuff!!), but then had to head off to enjoy the rest of their Queensland holiday.
After several more hours of working, the boys had Booger Mobile back on it's four wheels!!

Damian applied the Lovells Springs stickers, first to the driver's side...

While Scottie attached the rear shock absorbers...

Where do the top ones attach to? Oh look, there's a little trap-door in the rear of the car!!

Damian also applied a Lovells Springs sticker to the passenger side...

And here's Scottie, heading home, loving his Team Booger Mobile cap!! Thanks Kaye!!

All in all it was a pretty good day... Damian and Scottie both annoyed the crap out of each other all day, but good progress was made on Booger Mobile. It was great to finally have Booger Mobile down off the jack stands and onto it's own wheels again!!

The boys thought it was terrific that Kaye and John were able to come and see Booger Mobile, and remind all friends (and sponsors) that they are more than welcome to come and visit to check out Booger Mobile!

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  1. Rear suspension fitted and BOOGER on all four wheels WOW.As always Scottie arrives nice and early,bring along his most prized present from his recent birthday, a real flash toolbox full of tools to use on the Booger Mobile.
    John and myself were also very excited at the prospect of meeting up with Damian again and to finally meet Scottie.
    Wires wires everywhere, we can t have this said Scottie, they are in my way.So he soon had them removed, undoing all of Damians hard work much to Damians dispair.
    Excellence plan to finish off the blackjacking while the diff was removed.But boy oh boy what a mess Damian made of himself.All worth it with the perfect finish achieved
    With the well timed arrival of John and myself,Damian made us one of his fantastic coffees.Then came our grand tour with Damian Trisha and not forgetting Scottie,who was really itching to get back to working on Booger Mobile.
    First it was off down to his beautiful pond full of ducks, fish and many other wildlife.Going over bridges and thru a cave (yes I did say a cave) wow,passing by many tropcial plants and the biggest golden cane palms I ve even seen.
    Then finally it was off to Damians shed home of the Booger Mobile.It was such a wonderful feeling to finally walk into the shed, and see the Booger Mobile in the flesh so to speak, and then to hear the roar of the engine when Damian started it up WOO HOO what a sweet sound it was.
    The Team Booger Mobile hats (caps for Scottie) look great on, Denis will be pleased.
    Well a very productive day was had even with the special visit from John and myself.Damian, Trisha and Scottie made us feel right at home, with thier wonderful welcome.
    Great pictures as always Damian,loved the one of Scottie in his car heading home and also the special one of you in your Team Booger Mobile hat.
    Thank you Damian and Scottie before you know it you will be on the great "CAMP QUALITY" esCarpade 2010.