Friday, 12 February 2010

Damian visits the Kumho Tyres warehouse

Damian headed off to the Kumho Tyres Qld Head Office to collect six shiny, new R700 rally tyres for Booger Mobile. Little did he know that it wasn't just the head office, but also the warehouse and distribution centre!!

Damian was lucky enough to be given a guided tour of the facility, seeing more tyres than he could poke a stick at!!

Big tyres, small tyres, rack upon rack of tyres!!

And there they are, the R700 tyres, naturally on the very top shelf (right up near the roof)!! It's going to take a very tall forklift to get them down!!

The warehouse holds 80 THOUSAND tyres...

Some of the more interesting tyres that they have include new Aroma Tyres (which smell like lavender instead of rubber), and coloured smoke tyres as shown below!! The tyres are actually black, but they have a red powder coating in the warehouse for easy identification - it washes off...

But when the tyres are smoked up, red burn out marks and red smoke appear!!

Here's a really tall forklift retrieving Team Booger Mobile's tyres...

Check out the tyres!! Malcolm Mercer (Qld State Manager - Kumho Tyres) shows Damian the R700's freshly collected from their roof-level shelf!!

Prior to the conclusion of the tour, Malcolm showed Damian the world's largest passenger car tyre!! It doesn't look that big in this picture, so let's compare it to a standard sized rim...

This is the 32" tyre, with a 17" rim (think the rim from a large passenger car like a new Falcon) sitting inside it!!

And for those who like their facts and figures, it's a 305/25 R32...

And here's the set of six R700 tyres lined up in Damian's trailer ready for the journey home.
On the way home, Damian stopped at a secret sponsor's business and collected six 15" rims to use with the new tyres.

Upon returning home, he discovered that the cleaning fairy had been in the shed and cleared a path around Booger Mobile!! Thanks Scottie!!
And here's the set of six rims, waiting to be cleaned and painted.

That's it folks... Scottie will be down on Saturday, so stay tuned for the next exciting blog update!!

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  1. Tyres Tyres everywhere what a massive amount of tyres, and what a great sponser Team Booger Mobile have in Kumbo Tyres.I am quite sure Damian had a great time checking out their warehouse.
    With so many fantastic pictures, so we all get a tour as well.
    Thank you Damian you are "AWESOME"