Sunday, 23 May 2010

LED lights and custom consoles!

Damian was up early and in the shed... he needed some small black cable ties... sadly he didn't have any, so he painted some white ones!!

Damian was continuing to wrap wires when Scottie arrived... Hope he knows where they all go!!

After a coffee, Scottie decided he was going to find clips to attach any side trim he could get enough clips for!! This is the front passenger guard... looks like there are enough clips!!

So the next step was to put some black goop on to seal the holes and help stick the trim on, then put the trim in place!!

While this was going on, Damian attached the second roof-rack sign board.

Scottie decided that the next trim item on the agenda was the passenger door trim - of course, that's the door that Damian has been working around!!

Next cab off the rank was the Falcon Deluxe sign on the rear quarter panel!!

Meanwhile, Damian continued wrapping wires... a long and tedious task!!

Having run out of trim clips in suitable condition, Scottie moved on to making a console/surround for the automatic transmission...

Damian continued to... you guessed it!! Wrap wires!!

And Scottie's cardboard mock-up of the console was completed!! There was a brief moment of suggestion to simply paint it and leave it as is, but that was quickly knocked on the head!!

Scottied commenced marking out and jig-sawing the console (the drill is to make a hole that the jig-saw can start in)!

And through the magic of the interwebs, here it is - almost done!!

Damian had by this stage completed the wiring in of three sets of lights and the UHF Radio.

Scottie decided it was time for a trial fit of the wooden console...

Scottie and Damian's handiwork side by side!!

Scottie was particularly proud of the join in the bottom corners, and wanted it on the blog!! (In fairness, it is pretty spectacular!! Man of many talents, Scottie is!)

And with a light dusting of black paint to give the general idea how it might look when completed...

Damian installed the rear view mirror... Nice photography there showing off the Cadist Consulting sign on the rear window!

Time to test out some of the new LED's that are even controlled by the proper switches on the dashboard!! Woohooooooooooooo!!

The green LED's are for show...

The flashing amber LED's and the rear-facing white LED's are part of the Camp Quality esCarpade safety requirements. The ones on the rear bumper are the reverse lights!

These green LED strip lights really light up the surrounding area!!

Nice arty shot of the two chrome trim strips that were reattached...

And with Scottie holding the other two chrome strips in place to remind regular blog readers what Booger Mobile would look like with the chrome strips reattached... They have not been on since the month after Booger Mobile was purchased!!

And a show-off shot of the green LED's and the UHF aerial on the passenger side...

Damian and Scottie also installed the sun visors... The passenger side clip is broken, and they are a bit of a strange colour... sounds like a job for another day!!

After a long day, it was time for Scottie to leave... He has been having a few problems with his Hilux deciding not to start... today was one such occasion!!

Much to Damian's delight, it was Booger Mobile to the rescue!!

Look at that set of jumper leads... what's the world coming to????

And after quite a while pushing charge into Scottie's battery (well, that of his Hilux anyway), the pesty thing started, and Booger Mobile was tucked away safe and sound in the shed for the night...

Or was it?

Damian decided to get the delightful Tricia to take a video of the new LED lights on Booger Mobile - in the dark! Apologies for the poor video quality, but hey, that's life!

Damian will be heading to Camp Quality Senior Sibs Camp on Friday, so there won't be any Booger Mobile work next weekend... stay tuned for some other exciting updates though!!


  1. Good vidio, thanks for putting the car horn in, especially for your vision-impaired supporters .

  2. Well yes it sunday and what does that mean to all us Booger fans? Yes that's right we get to see what the awesome Scottie and Damian get up too while working the Booger Mobile.
    Damian decided that an early start on the BM before Scottie arrived was the way to go,as he was ever eager to get the wiring all tidied up,but alas he only had white ties and black was needed.But did this stop him "No Way" a splash of black paint on them and you ed never know that they were white.Clever thinking Damian.Wow that's a lot of wires handing down on Booger.
    Woo Hoo Scottie here, time for a well deserved coffee, before going on with the tasks ahead on the BM today.
    First things first Scottie checked to see how many clips there were for the side trimmings, so he could get a good start on them.Starting on the front passengers side, Scottie started to work his magic and doesn't it look fantastic.Now we all can see what a Classic the Booger Mobile is Falcon"DELUXE" none the less for Booger is the best.Well done Scottie.
    The wrapping of the wires might be a long and tedious task for Damian,but it will be well worth doing to see the Booger Mobile all lite up in the night.
    Even though Scottie had run out of the clips for the trimmings,there was still a lot for him to attend too,and what was next on his task list, was to some how make a console cover for the automatic transmission, with skill and perfection he made a real great looking cover,which we never doubted that he wouldn't well done Scottie.
    With all the wires all neat and tidy,Thanks too Damian it was time for a test."Lights Camera Action"lights here lights there lights everywhere on the Booger Mobile.
    After a some what endless day it was time for Scottie to head for home.But whats this his Hi Lux won't start.Well this is a job for wait for it "BOOGER MOBILE".I m sure it won't be the last time the Booger is called to the rescue,well done Booger.
    Was really great to see all the lights on the BM flashing in the dark.
    Another day has come to an end for working on the BM.Great pictures and a fantastic video even with the poor quality it was well worth the watch.(thanks Tricia)
    Well done once again Damian and Scottie.