Sunday, 16 May 2010

Front Seat Installed!!

Sunday morning rolled around, and after a three week absence, Scottie arrived (eventually) to get started on Booger Mobile... The weather is getting a little cooler, so the arrivals are getting a little later!!

After the obligatory caffeine hit, the boys headed to the shed where Damian proudly showed off his progress to Scottie, who was all over it like a fat kid on a smartie as he'd been following Damian's blog posts...

Damian flick-passed the installation of the rear window surrounds to Scottie (after showing him how they worked), and got started on the front windscreen.

One strip down, three to go!

At the back of the car, Scottie had finished the window surrounds (thanks to the magic of the interwebs - in reality about 45 mins had passed!!)

Scottie then came around to assist with the front surrounds - Damian got the two side ones in no worries, but the top and bottom require an extra set of hands due to their size (and awkwardness)!!

Three in, one to go!!

After much discussion about how to get them attached, the boys finally got them completed, screwed the windscreen rubber into place and attached the final couple of pieces...

A word of advice to anyone installing a new windscreen into an XM Falcon - PUT THE CHROME SURROUNDS ON BEFORE YOU PUT THE WINDSCREEN IN!!!!!!!

Damian and Scottie went to the shops to collect a few items, and upon returning, there were mysteriously some new photos on Damian's camera... One of Damian's son's dog (Oof Oof) had decided to hide in the glovebox!!

Fresh from the shops, Scottie got to work on some battery clamps...

Then, it was time to get the front seat installed!! Careful of that carpet Scottie... Damian went to a lot of effort fitting that!!

Damian and Scottie put the windscreen wipers together and installed them... best trim that spare bit at some stage!!

Scottie had to use the angle grinder (any excuse to use the angle grinder will do) to make some angled fling-flangs for the underside of the seat mounting plates to square them up read for the bolts/nuts.

Damian (with his flash new jigsaw blades) marked and cut the new sign boards to make the corners slightly more curved to suit Booger Mobile's awesome curves!!

Looks even better than it did before!!

The front seats were bolted in and adjusted...

And the T-Bar shifter was attached (even though Damian will have to remove it when he builds a console to hide the t-bar under)!!

As Damian promised Scottie, once the windscreen and rear window were back in, there would be time for some circle work down the back paddock!! Not too much mind you - the boys don't want to ruin their awesome Kumho R700 Rally Tyres...

As always, Damian thought the moment should be captured on video... so here they are!!

First up, Scottie doing a little lap, with Damian videoing from the front passenger seat!

Next up, Damian doing a lap... sadly the awesome first attempt didn't come out on the video, so this will have to do!

Once the circlework was completed, and Booger Mobile was back in the shed, Scottie decided to get some photos on his flash new camera-phone... To finish the blog, here's Scottie's best side!!

The boys are starting to get super excited about the progress they have made with Booger Mobile, and it is almost time to look into getting the blue modification plate (engineering certification) required to register Booger Mobile.

Hopefully, Booger Mobile will be cruising the streets very, very soon!


  1. I am having a problem with my comments being rejected so checking if this works

  2. That one worked... try again with the proper one!!

    Why you might ask,well it goes like this
    Scottie somewhat later than normal, due to the cooler mornings now.Yes thats right Scotties back finally)
    As always Damian's now famous coffee was a must to start a some what chillie morning working on Booger Mobile.
    Of course Scottie had been following what Damian had been up to on the BM checking out the blogs just had to keep up on the progress of his much loved Booger.Hence Damian and Scottie were able to get right into the task of finishing off the chrome surrounds of the front and rear screens.What an excellence job they both did with them,and the Booger Mobile is looking fantastic.Always love to see the Booger Mobile racing around Damian's paddock will be grand to see her when she is finally cruising the highways, what a sight to behold to see the Classical Booger Mobile in it glory with Damian and Scottie inside with the biggest grins ever.Will be party time when Booger get the blue modification plate then there will be no stopping Team Booger mobile and the great Booger.
    Another great day working on the BM well done Damian and Scottie."THANK YOU"