Sunday, 9 May 2010

Happy Mother's Day!! (Oh, and the rear carpet's done)

Sunday rolled around, and with Scottie still at his place fixing up the busted Hilux, Damian spent the morning with his family, then spent a bit of time up in the shed finishing off the rear carpet.

Tricia did a delightful job modelling the base of the rear seat!!

And as a foot model for the rear carpet...

Here's how the rear seat will look once it's in (unless Damian decides to get a seat cover for it, which is highly likely!!)

And as you can see, the silver door-step kick panel is now helping hold the carpet in place!

Damian thought he'd have a go at closing all the doors for the first time in ages...

Probably only a few minor adjustments and they'll be good to go!! The new door rubbers are sealing a treat!

Damian also took to the new foam tape in the boot with some glue - no photos of that, he'll check it on Monday to see how it went!!

Happy Mother's Day to all the mother's out there who are keen followers of the Booger Mobile Blog... hope you were all spoiled rotten!! (Damian and the boys sure spoiled Tricia!!)


  1. Well, the new door rubbers are now looking like they should, but are they watertight? Maybe time to give the Booger a bath and check?

  2. Not without the front and rear screens refitted!!

  3. Take Two lmao had a comment rejected by the blogger so here I go again.
    Any day is a good day when Damian is able to work on the Booger Mobile.But first and for most on special days like mothers day or birthdays,he is either doing the spoiling or getting spoiled himself.
    Tricia did a wonderful job of modeling the back seat and I can bet that she was glad that it wasn't the tyre rim that she had to sit on last time she was in the Booger Mobile for her great wild ride.
    Well every thing is now coming together very nicely and with all the help from Tricia,Damian has done a excellence job with Booger so far. I'm sure that all the mothers had a great day.
    Thank you Damian and Tricia