Saturday, 8 May 2010

Door rubbers finished... carpet started!

Scottie's Hilux decided it had used its current gearbox enough during the week and decided to go out with a BANG!! Luckily for Scottie, this was 3 days after getting home from Fraser Island!! Of course, this meant that Damian was left to work on Booger Mobile on his own, which means that Tricia took photos, so Damian actually appears on the blog this time!!

See, Damian really *does* do work!! First up - finish off the gluing of the door rubbers...

That's it... take the photo from that side so everyone can see the CMK Financial Solutions sticker!!

Tricky work this gluing of door rubbers!!

Damian said "here honey, hold this!!". Tricia is holding the glued up door rubber as though it's a snake!!

Nearly done!!

And through the magic of the interwebs, it's complete!!

The bootlid was still requiring that little extra to form a super-tight dust seal... Damian bought some you-beaut foam tape from a specialst rubber store that is "much better than the tape he was using previously" which neglected to stick properly...

Looks good, doesn't it!!

Sadly, shortly after the picture was taken, it too decided not to stick properly!! Damian will have to glue it down...

The front seat was then removed to make way for the carpet!

Damian enlisted Tricia's help for this task, and they placed it to the side...

After a couple of trial fittings, and the use of several different types of underlay, Damian decided to use the fibrous grey packing blanket type underlay... He could use a single piece for the entire floor pan!!

The rear carpet was then fitted, and has been trimmed to size on the passenger side and fixed in place with the appropriate bits (the pillar panel (the green bit) holds the carpet in the middle).

The door-step silver kick panel holds the carpet down also!

And check it out!! The front door closes perfectly with its new rubber!!

After this point, it was quite late in the evening so Damian decided to leave it there for the night. The carpet story is to be continued...


  1. The whole making of the Booger Mobile seems an easy task compared to the whole Hilux gearbox job, that I have still not finished. I wish I was working on the "BM" instead..... It's not fun dropping a 40kg transfer case on your sholder after it slips off the jack. I can't wait to next weekend when all goes back to normal and I get back to work on the "BM".

    Great job mate... the carpet looks fantastic.

    Scottie not being able to come and work on the Booger Mobile, because of car problems sounds pretty funny, but the gear box going out with bang is no laughing n matter,hope you get it fixed real soon Scottie so you can get back into working on your much loved Booger Mobile.
    Regardless of this fact, the work on Booger must go on.
    So Damian being Damian somehow managed to enlist his lovely wife Tricia to take the photos for him so he could continual working on the B/M.(now I know where Damian learned how to take great photos.)
    Great effort finishing off the door seals must have been a very tedious task, well done Damian. Shame about the boot seal still no staying in place ,but Damian sure to solve that problem.
    Now for a start on the carpet another long and fiddly task , but always Damian finds that there is not enough hours in his day and must call it a night working on the Booger Mobile.
    Great pictures as always but this time many thanks to Tricia.
    Well done Damian and a big thanks to you as well