Saturday, 22 May 2010

Sponsors love a clean car!!

Damian's been doing some interesting work on Booger Mobile over the past week, slowly but surely getting ready to wire in the lights and attach the sign boards.

Before doing so, he decided that washing Booger Mobile was a good choice - besides, sponsors love a clean car!!

Here's Booger Mobile parked ready for washing...

Damian got down to washing Booger Mobile, while his boys played in the water...

Cleaning out underneath the roof rack was a bit of a challenge...

Damian tested the windscreens and doors thoroughly, finding only one minor leak to be sorted out (of course, on the driver's side at the front!!)

More cleaning...

And there it is, one shiny, clean Booger Mobile!

Time to do a quick lap of the car showing off all the shiny sponsor stickers!!

There are more stickers coming in the near future!!

Damian thinks it's time to get the side trim attached also!!

Still a couple of good spots available on the bonnet if there are any potential sponsors out there yet to have a sticker spot!!

Once Booger Mobile was clean, about a gazillion little bugs decided to try to make it their home...

Damian noticed a small tree snake watching proceedings from the little shelter just to the left of the shot of Booger Mobile taken from the rear...

After Booger Mobile was dry (with a little help from a chamois), it was time for Damian to put it back in the shed and get to work on the wiring. First up, the lights at the back of the roof rack... the wiring is so neat, you can barely see it in the photo!!

Here's the other end of the wires that are going to the rear of the roof rack... Damian has used almost a full roll of black tape already!!

Looking under the front of the rack to get the next set of lights ready... It's a bit like a jigsaw puzzle... Damian can't wrap any more of the wires leading from the back until the ones at the front are sorted out.

He can't sort the wires at the front out until the advertising signboards are on!

Measuring up the driver's side signboard ready for bolting on!

Action shot of Damian using some heat-shrink tube to seal the join in the wires... (the horizontal line you can see on the signboard is a 72 LED green light!)

Damian pulling his "psycho knife wielder" face... LOL... Looks like he's cutting his own eye out!!

More marking out... Tough to line things up!!

And the first signboard is attached!!

Scottie will be down on Sunday, and Damian will get the lights wired up (with any kind of luck!!)

Stay tuned...

1 comment:

  1. Nothing like a clean "BOOGER"
    When the Booger Mobile stands out so does all the sponsors,and what a stand out the Booger Mobile is and will be more so when cruising along the highways.
    What an excellence job Damian did, as always.I did notice what a stand out Damian was as well with his white shoes and socks(LMAO)
    Great that you only found one minor leak.Goes to show what an excellence job has been on the the parts that had to be sealed.
    Always great to see the wonderful sponsors stickers on the BM,and would be better still too see a couple more come on board the Classical Booger Mobile bonnet.
    OMG there's a real snake this time.(nice one)
    Good to tie up all the loose ends and have the BM all ready,for Scottie and yourself too get right into working on the the task set for the days work when Scottie arrives.
    Great pictures as always,( thanks Tricia)
    Well done Damian not long to go now and the Booger Mobile will be ready and rearing to go on the Camp Quality Escaparde 2010