Monday, 10 May 2010

Front and rear screens refitted!!

Three blog posts in three days... (four in five days!!) what's the world coming to???

Dave (from Team Booger Mobile's secret sponsor) dropped by as promised to help Damian refit the front and rear windscreens... First job was for Damian to remove the old windscreen gunge from the rear windscreen, while Dave fitted the new rubber to the brand spanking new laminated front windscreen...

Lots of gunge... lots of new rubber...

Still more gunge, while Dave puts the finishing touches on the front windscreen rubber... (Damian showing his best side there!!)

And the shiny, new front laminated windscreen is almost ready for installation...

And the rear window is de-gunged...

Next cab off the rank is to smear the windscreen hole with rubber grease, to make the refitting just that little bit easier...

Wire is inserted all around the inside of the windscreen rubber...

Then the windscreen is lifted into place, and the wire pulled through from the inside while gentle pressure is applied to the outside of the windscreen. This allows the windscreen rubber to be lifted over the lip that holds the screen in place...

Onto the rear window, again with the attaching of the new window rubber...

Damian suggested that it might be easier to attach to the bottom of the driver's door... or perhaps it was a coy plot to get some exposure for platinum sponsor Cadist Consulting!!

The wire was attached, the rubber grease applied, the windscreen lifted into place, and through the magic of the interwebs, here it is!!

Damian and Dave started putting some of the chrome strips around the window, however, this turned out to be a major debacle, so Dave left to do some more work back at the office, and Damian continued to curse it for a while before deciding to give his fingers a break and return to it another time...

Booger Mobile is now that much closer to being ready for rego!!


  1. Keep up the good work. It's an awesome job for an awesome cause.
    Ro :-)

  2. I always thought you had to put the chrome strips around the windows in at the same time as the glass????

  3. You know Kym, that may have been pertinent information BEFORE we put the screens back in!! ROFL...

    Seriously though - I was being guided by Dave... and it's the first time I've ever done anything similar.

    There must be some way of getting them back in now though - surely you wouldn't need to remove the windscreen to replace them!!???!?!??!

    -- Damian.

  4. WOO HOO front and rear screens refited.
    WOW its been full steam ahead for Damian over the last few days,working hard on the Booger Mobile.While Scottie is busy, working hard to fix the gearbox on his Hi Lux.
    Damian's childhood blanket sure has come in handy when working on the delicate parts of the Booger Mobile.
    The screens are looking fantastic, shame about the chrome strips, but what a day working on the Booger Mobile with out some sort of epic fail every now and then.As always Damian will find a way to sort out this minor set back.
    Great pictures as always thank you Damian for giving the full picture of what goes on with the work on the B/M.
    Well done Damian another great day working on the Booger Mobile with the help of Dave, many thanks to you both.
    Doing it for the kids