Friday, 14 May 2010

Front carpet is in!!

Damian decided that he had better get the front carpet installed so that when Scottie eventually makes another appearance at Team Booger Mobile HQ the boys can get straight onto installing the front seat!

First up, the front underlay.

The next step was to measure, then cut a small hole in the moulded front carpet for the T-Bar auto shifter to poke through. Starting small is the way to go!!

As you can see, this was kinda ridiculous... time to make it a bit larger!!

Well, that's a bit better, but still not large enough...

Damian removed the carpet and made the hole even larger!

While this was going on, Tricia popped up to the shed to bring Damian a coffee and some chocolate... she's a great wife!! Damian decided to show her the new sign boards...

And check out the clearance for Booger's head with the new larger boards... Looks good!!

Back to the carpet, and the hole was made even bigger, and Damian was finally happy with how it was sitting...

Time to trim the edges and attach the side-step bits that hold the carpet in! Passenger side was done first...

The kick panels are installed before the side-step pieces, and also help to hold the carpet in place...

The driver's side was then completed...

And here it is, both bits of carpet installed and Booger Mobile is starting to really look like a car again!!

Now that the carpet is installed, and the new signboards are ready, Damian will be able to get onto the wiring up of the lights, the UHF radio etc... It's going to be a busy time for Damian, but he's loving it!!

Stay tuned for more... probably Sunday!

1 comment:

  1. Another day working and still no Scottie,what in the world is going on.(Yeah I know Scottie has to work at his real job even though he would rather be working on the Booger Mobile with Damian.)
    Carpet in and WOW doesn't it look great.Better to start with a small hole for the auto shifters T bar,can always make it bigger to fit. But can't make it smaller, good thinking there Damian
    Yes Damian you are very lucky to have such a loving wife in Tricia, always ready to come to you rescue with taking photos and modeling and now serving you coffee and chocolates in B/M s shed.Not too many wives these days would be willing to do all that Tricia does for you, for their husbands.(but you are so "AWESOME")
    Well Booger Mobile is looking fantastic,and what an excellence job Damian did on the carpet.Well done another great day working on the Booger Mobile doing it for the kids