Thursday, 13 May 2010

New rooftop sign boards arrive...

With thanks to Jason Sheather Plumbing for supplying the piece of black plastic (similar to kitchen cutting boards), and Dave from Wadnot Joinery for cutting and notching it out, Booger Mobile now has a pair of proper signboards for the roof rack!!

They are about 3-4cm higher than the original mockups, slightly longer, and the ends have remained fairly square, which all in all has added a great deal of room for sponsorship stickers!!

This is how it will be attached - side view!

Damian was actually planning on getting the sides attached this evening, but had some unexpected visitors arrive... never mind, there's always Friday night!!

1 comment:

    Woo Hoo another excuse for Damian to work on the Booger Mobile,how excited is he?
    Really great to have a brother as a sponsor,who can come up with the solid black plastic board,that is just perfect for the Booger Mobiles roof top signs,thank you Jason.Also a very big thank you to Dave from Wadnot Joinery for doing a great job cutting it to the right size.
    Doesn't it look fantastic, can't wait to see the lucky sponsors name up there who ever they may be. Booger will carry all the wonderful sponsor names, far a wide for all to see.
    Time is passing quickly now and the Camp Quality esCapade 2010 will soon be here.
    There's no stopping Damian its all go go go till the Booger Mobile is back to the beautiful classic car that it is
    Looking forward too the next exciting blog to see what Damian is working on.
    Great pictures as always thank you Damian