Sunday, 28 March 2010

Hoodlining finished, steering wheel installed!!

Scottie arrived a little later than usual to find Damian already up in the shed preparing for the day's work... After stopping for a coffee and to discuss what was to be done, the boys returned to the shed. Scottie set to work investigating the installation of the Boss Kit (required to attach the new steering wheel).

During this investigation, Scottie discovered that there was a bush that was installed in the wrong place (it had been inserted before the top part of the steering pot instead of afterwards), and once this was installed in the correct order, the steering column had no more movement issues!! Great work Scottie!!

Meanwhile, Damian cleaned out the boot...

Ready to install the grungy carpet that he retrieved from the boot of the XD Falcon...

After some trimming and a cursory clean, it was installed!! It will do for now, but if the boys come across some other carpet it may be replaced down the track!!

Having resolved the issue with the steering pot, Scottie continued to install the Boss Kit...

Then after some careful discussion about how to locate the top/centre positions, the steering wheel was installed...

Damian thought that he should mention that he bought a flash new laminated windscreen for the front of Booger Mobile... There was nothing "wrong" with the toughened glass windscreen that was removed, but esCarpade scrutineering rules stipulate that the front windscreen must be of the laminated variety...

The boys like the slight green tinge to it, and the sunvisor strip along the top!!

Once the steering wheel was on, Damian reinstalled the gauges... Oh, and there is now a horn button, so the horn works at the press of a button!! WOOHOO!!

Next on the agenda was for Scottie to investigate the steering bump stops, which although Damian had put them back the way they came off the car, they weren't right...

After much discussion and trial and error, it was decided that the best way for them to face was as below...

However, it was decided that there was a slight adjustment to be made, so out came the trusty angle grinder!!

With the adjustment made, and Booger Mobile not set on fire, the steering bump stops were completed!!

While all this was going on, Damian was busily installing some rear-facing white LED lights (another esCarpade scrutineering requirement).

After much procrastination, the boys figured they had best get the sides and front corners glued in for the hoodlining, so that the front and rear windows could be reinstalled in the near future...

After running the engine for a while to get the automatic transmission fluid circulating (and adding about two litres to it), Damian prepared and painted a fan shroud (to push the air from the fan onto the engine more efficiently), while Scottie drilled holes for the installation.

Scottie worked on a bunch of little stuff as well, like installing rubber plugs to hold the wires in place inside the engine bay etc, and installing the copper line to the oil pressure gauge (quite a daunting task).

Another very productive day, but progress still seems to be slow... One day it will all come together, and the mighty Booger Mobile will be ready to start the process towards registration!!

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  1. Scottie must have been too tired from a fun day at the pipeline to arrive later than normal.But one cup of Damian Fantastic coffee, and he was ready to get stuck into the task ahead.
    First thing to do was check out what the problem was with the steering column, and quick as a flash after working it out, Scottie had it all solved and in perfect working order, great work as always Scottie.
    Wow that a real sweet looking steering wheel, goes perfect with Booger Mobile so will that cool windscreen.
    Slowly but surely the Booger Mobile is getting there and before you know it BM will be ready to register and be the great classical car on the CAMP QUALITY 2010 esCaparde far beyond your expectations.
    Another great days work on the Booger Mobile with lots achieved, well done Damian and Scottie.
    Great picture as always telling the story of your achievements for the day.