Sunday, 14 March 2010

Booger Mobile is DRIVEN!!!!!!!!!!!

Scottie arrived bright and early at Team Booger Mobile headquarters ready to get to work... He was carrying the shiny, new tailshaft made by Kunda Park Tailshaft Specialists. Cue shaft jokes here that are not repeatable on a family friendly blog post!!

The boys had two tasks for today... Firstly, to get the brake lines fitted and the brakes bled... Scottie took on this important task...

And secondly, the fitting of the new tailshaft - Damian got to do this job!!

After attaching the tailshaft, Damian also reconnected the handbrake cable that Scottie had previously done such a great job installing...

Damian then started making some spacers for the front sway bar mounting brackets - they needed to be lowered by about 10mm... However, Scottie decided to take over the cutting - I guess he doesn't trust Damian with power tools... Check out the safety-cloth Scottie is using to protect his toes!! That cloth later caught fire - hilarious!!

Once the cutting had been completed, Damian did what he does best, and painted them black!!

After lunch, he fitted the spacers to the brackets - look good don't they?

Meanwhile, the brakes had been bled, and Damian had emptied the stuff off the roof-rack (which is the perfect height for Damian to use as a storage shelf), and inside Booger Mobile.

Scottie fitted the steering wheel...

And Booger Mobile was clean as it had ever been, and just about ready for it's big debut... Would it all go to plan?????

Scottie filled the automatic transmission with fluid, and created a temporary battery clamp out of tie-wire...

Damian installed some seats! Notice the driver's seat is a little further back - this is to accommodate Damian's extra long legs!!

What happened next? You'll have to watch the videos below to work it out!!

Video 1 - Will Booger Mobile start? Will it drive?

Video 2 - Heading off down the driveway... (kind of spoils the answer to question one doesn't it?)

Video 3 - Artistic shot of Booger Mobile heading down past Damian's dam to the back paddock...

Video 4 - Splash time!!

And for something completely different - Booger Mobile was driven into the shed - forwards!!

Scottie was underneath Booger Mobile investigating the steering etc, and noticed that he had neglected to tighten up any of the front bushes for the sway bar and the radius rod... his excuse was that Damian's sister had turned up to see Booger Mobile driven for the first time, and Scottie got all excited and forgot to do them up!

Of course, once you have made adjustments to a car, it's vital to take it for a test drive... everyone piled in for a spin!!

Little faces pressed against the back window... gee Booger Mobile has some acceleration!!

And back into the shed again... Note that the suspension has now settled to the height it's likely to sit at...

First splashes from the dam overflow... (See video 4)

And a bottle of Chandon champagne that was being saved for just such an occasion...

Domaine Chandon support Camp Quality as major sponsor (and naming rights holder) of the Chandon Supper Club - Camp Quality's A-List fundraising event...

Well, that bottle didn't last very long, did it?

During testing, Damian had to chastise Scottie for doing a very small line-lock on the driveway... there'll be smacks (and not good smacks) next time!!

And Booger Mobile is put away for the night...

Nice to get some shots in for the sponsors - and also nice to see Booger Mobile facing the opposite way in the shed!!

And the beasty Kumho R700 tyres performed beautifully!!

How did that mud get on there?

The boys are finally able to drive Booger Mobile (which means it will probably get a wash in the near future), which is a fantastic milestone... with the esCarpade a mere 7 months away, time is of the essence to get Booger Mobile prepared in time!!

So much has been achieved, but there's still so much to do!



    After around twelve months the dream of being an entrant in the CAMP QUALITY esCarpade 2010 is now a reality with the Booger Mobile at driving stage.
    Although there is still a lot to be done with the seats/seatbelts ect and not forgetting BOOGERS head still to be installed.
    What a fantastic job Scottie and Damian have achieved to date.Along with the help of their family's and many great sponsors.Its not been easy for them but they have continual on even after all the epic fails they have not given up.
    2010 is the year of Team Booger Mobile being in the CAMP QUALITY esCarpade 2010.
    How exciting it was to be able to watch the videos of the Booger Mobile finally being driven out of its HQ (Damian shed) and then racing around his dam/lake /pond, with with Damian poor little dog Tonka running like hell to be with his master.Well done Damian and Scottie ,great pictures and videos of a wonderful day working on the classical Booger Mobile.
    Now is the time to get behind Damian and Scottie with their up coming event of a trivia night(with lots of other things happening on the night)so if you haven t already got your table together, you better hurry only eleven nights till its all go go go for a great fun time while helping raise funds for the great cause of "CAMP QUALITY" DOING IT FOR THE KIDS
    Thank you Damian and Scottie as always you have excelled.