Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Hood lining underlay fitted...

Damian ducked up to the shed tonight to get the hood lining underlay fitted to Booger Mobile. There is going to be a bit of a working bee at Team Booger Mobile HQ on Friday (all going well) to install the hood lining, so it was essential to get the underlay sorted out first.

The underlay was kindly donated by Stu from Carpet Call at Morayfield. Thanks Stu!!

The first section was measured and cut...

Yep, that's where it needs to go!

And half a tin of spray adhesive and some careful carpet-wrangling later, it was attached!!

Then it was time to attach the rear half... This seemed to go on somewhat easier, probably due to Damian having experienced the joys of fitting the first half!

After this, Damian took the opportunity to go and have a shower... after spraying the spray adhesive, Damian exited Booger Mobile somewhat sticky all over...

Well, just a quick blog update tonight!! Stay tuned for the next exciting episode... Oh, and don't forget the Team Booger Mobile and Annette Taylor (Kokoda Track) Trivia Night on Friday 26 March 2010 at the Sandgate Town Hall. $20 per person entry gets you a night of trivia and an awesome live band Chasing Blakey!!


  1. Well, it's all coming together nicely. What, no "underlay, underlay, eepa, eepa (sp?)" jokes, in a bad Mexican accent? (or is that just me?)
    ...and finally my internet behaved for long enough to catch up on blog posts which have been refusing to load for me for the last week.

  2. First of all a big thank you too Stu of Morayfield Carpet Call,for donating the underlay needed to line Booger Mobile hood.
    An excellence piece of hood laying Damian, Scottie will be pleased.
    Lucky the seat aren' t in yet,because it would have made your task very hard too do, and it might have been one big sticky mess.
    Looking forward to the next exciting blog.