Friday, 26 March 2010

Trivia Night - Sandgate Town Hall

The day for the Trivia Night rolled around, and Damian started the day with an interview on 99.7 FM, Northside Brisbane's community radio station. There was also an article in the local community newspaper on the inside front page, so a big crowd was expected!!

Scottie had to work during the day, so Damian was frantically completing the questions and answer sheets etc, then headed to the hall to set up the table and chairs.

Damian's boys wrote up a sign for the Trivia Night and put it out the front of the hall... The Booger Mobile sign board was also there, and little did patrons know that the answer to the first "non-visual" question was written on the sign board!!

Inside the front door, the money table was set up, with Booger Mobile and Camp Quality advertising!!

Damian's boys decided to pose with the Camp Quality banner...

Meanwhile, volunteers from the Sandgate Theatre group were stocking the bar and food items ready for a big crowd...

Damian, his wife Tricia and the boys got the tables and chairs all sorted out, meanwhile the band Chasing Blakey were busily setting up and doing sound checks etc...

Shortly after the tables were all set up, Annette arrived, bringing with her the raffle prizes... The red bags under the table hold the trivia night prizes brought along by Damian, many thanks to Tricia and Damian's mother in law Christine for supplying the trivia night prizes.

The guests started to arrive, and Chasing Blakey started to play a few songs while everyone grabbed a drink and something to eat...

The trivia night questions kicked off with much hilarity and discussions ensuing... Eventually (six rounds later) and after another musical interlude from Chasing Blakey, the trivia winners and runners up were announced, in a very close competition... The lead changed several times throughout the night, but in the end, the results were as follows:

1st place on 48.5 points - Big Bangers
2nd place on 45.5 points - Matt's Harem
3rd place on 43.5 points - The Thespians
4th place on 42.5 points - Peas in a Pod
Equal 5th place on 42 points - Mac Mobiles
Equal 5th place on 42 points - Booger Mobile No. 1
7th place on 41 points - Chasing Blakey
8th place on 39 points - Team formerly known as...
9th place on 37.5 points - Spongebob and Friends
10th place on 30.5 points - Gladiators

The individual multipart question was won by Glenis - a member of the team Matt's Harem - IN THE FIRST ROUND!! Much credit must go to her for knowing the answer with just the vaguest amount of information... Many thanks to the Book Shack in Bowser Parade Sandgate for their generous donation of the individual prize!

Glen (Damian's next door neighbour) banging away during one of the songs!!

The crowd was so big, the photo had to be taken in two lots!!

The right side (facing the stage) was much more popular for some reason...

Once the trivia was done and dusted, the impressive array of raffle prizes were drawn... Special mention must go to Samies Girl Seafood who donated not one, but two $50 seafood vouchers plus cooler bags...

Once the prizes were drawn, the first three rows of tables were cleared away and Chasing Blakey got back into it... lots of people left at this stage, having been there just for the trivia, but a number of party-hearty people stayed on and danced the night away!!

Later in the evening, Damian got up on stage with Chasing Blakey (whose lead singer was losing his voice) and belted out a few songs...

The end of the night came far too quickly, and Damian helped the band pack up, put away the remaining chairs and headed off home...

It was a fabulous night, with plenty of support from the guests. Many thanks to Chasing Blakey for putting on such an excellent show, and last but not least, Sandgate Theatre group for running the bar and the lighting, and donating the use of the hall!


  1. Just a quick comment just to make Damian happy to know I got in first.LMAO
    Can see a great night was had by all well done everyone keep doing it for the kids.

  2. Fantastic effort Damo. You are a star! :)

  3. Let the fun fun fund raising begin.
    Wow what a great night it must have been.But it takes a lot of time and effort to put together a trivia night and what a fantastic success it turned out to be.
    Lucky for Damian, with Scottie having to work that he had his wonderful wife Trisha and two great sons to help him set up the hall for the trivia night.What is a trivia night without the prizes, so a very big thank you to Trisha and her mother Christine,for supplying the great prizes, and putting them together in the "Red Bags"
    Looks like it must have been a good competition between all the teams, with the points being so close right till the end.
    Great pictures as always Damian, and by the looks on all the smiling faces, you could tell that they were all enjoying themselves.
    WOO HOO for all the lucky people who stayed behind to party on with Chasing Blakey, had the great pleasure to hear that AWESOME guy Damian belt out a song or two.
    Well done everyone concerned for all the support given to make it all happen for Damian and Scotties "Team Booger Mobile" and Annette Taylor all doing it for "CAMP QUALITY"

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