Thursday, 11 March 2010

2010 route officially announced!!

Well, the 2010 Camp Quality esCarpade route has now been officially announced. Entrants will be going from Tamworth to Warialda, via the Sunshine Coast and Fraser Coast!!

Check out the full route details at the official Camp Quality esCarpade site:

In other news, Damian has had the correct ends flared on the brake lines, and Scottie has arranged for the custom tailshaft to be made, so all going well (ie: the brakes bleed up fine and the tailshaft fits), Booger Mobile will be DRIVEN out of the shed under its own steam this Sunday!!!!

1 comment:

  1. That would be right Booger Mobile driving down your long wjnding palm lined driveway, two weeks after we have been to visit.I might just have to book a flight back to see the great BM take its first (steps) drive under its own steam.(wish i really could ) Hope you do a video of it so all of us who can t be there will still be able to watch it.
    Have fun guys , your both doing a fantastic job for CAMP QUALITY
    Thank you