Friday, 19 March 2010

Windscreen out, Hoodlining in (sort of)

Damian was up early and into the shed - today there was going to be a special visitor from Team Booger Mobile's "secret sponsor".

First task for Damian was to remove some of the internal mouldings etc that were going to be in the way...

After Dave arrived, it was time for the rear window to be removed... Turned out to be quite a simple task (after cutting the inside edge of the window rubber away).

One rear window, stacked away for safe keeping, with a gratuitous plug for Platinum Sponsor Cadist Consulting!!

Then, it was time to remove the excess gunge and general dirty bits from the window frame - this needs to be clean and shiny for the new window rubber to be fitted.

Once this was completed, it was onto the front windscreen... (Looking a bit dirty from being housed in the shed for a few months, and from last weekend's driving through the dam overflow on the test drive!!)

After working out that there were four screws (one in each corner) holding the windscreen in place, it too was quite simple to remove... then the cleaning began!!

Meanwhile, Damian discovered that there didn't seem to be any chrome mouldings or otherwise for the hood lining, so he thought that he had better prepare and paint the existing "hold down" strips.

Meanwhile, Dave had begun threading the hoodlining braces into the pockets on the back of the hoodlining.

What would a blog post be without Damian having painted something???

After clipping in the hoodlining braces, and sticking a bit more underlay on, it was time for a trip to the shops to get glue and clamps.

Here's the hoodlining with three of the four braces clipped into place...

And testing out the clamps to see how they go...

After stretching the hoodlining tight (front to rear) and clamping it, it looks a bit like this!

Due to the small lip that the hoodlining gets glued to, Damian suggested using a pack of small bulldog clips to hold it in place while the glue dried... Worked a treat!! (The parallel lines showing creases will be removed by pulling the sides tight and attaching them.)

After gluing and clamping the front, this is what it looks like! Starting to look good now!!!

Meanwhile, the rear window and front windscreen sit patiently waiting to be reattached...

When Scottie comes down on Sunday, the boys will get the rest of the hoodlining pulled into place, and may (or may not) attempt to install the rear window!! Damian suggests that "may not" is the most likely scenario, and he will wait for Dave to come up to help out again!!

Many thanks to Team Booger Mobile's secret sponsor, and to Dave for doing the hard yards!!


  1. Amazing what a difference the hood lining makes to the interior. Looking good, guys.

  2. Work on the Booger Mobile seams to be never ending lately, but of course there is only seven months left, before the CAMP QUALITY esCarpade, so BM has to be ready on time.
    There been quite a lot of special visitors in the last few weeks to see the Booger Mobile as well, thats a real good sign because 2010 is the year of the BOOGER MOBILE is it not?
    Excellence job on the lining and painting Damian and Dave did a great job as well Scottie will be happy.
    Pictures are as fantastic as ever thanks Damian I really like the one of Dave working at the back of the Booger.Looking forward to the next exciting blog after a great day of you and Scottie working on the Booger Mobile on sunday
    PS.and then you have your special trivia fund night next week hope you get a big crowd and raise a lot of funds