Sunday, 27 June 2010

Booger Mobile gets a stereo!!

After what seemed like an eternity, Scottie was finally able to return to Team Booger Mobile headquarters for another exciting day of working on Booger Mobile...

During the week, Damian received Aqualogical's sponsorship sticker, so the first task was for it to be attached to Booger Mobile... Here's the sticker...

Here's the spot it's going..

And here it is attached... note the nice curves in the door - that was interesting to work with!!

In preparation for Kane from Kerbside Car Sound to come and install Booger Mobile's new stereo, it was necessary to remove the door trims (and later the kick panels etc)... Damian spent his time installing them recently... only to remove them again for the stereo installation!!

And this is a before shot of the dash where the original push button radio would have been... sadly it needs to be cut slightly to fit a standard single DIN stereo... All care will be taken!!

While waiting for Kane to arrive, the boys had to replace the BW35 transmission's pan gasket as it has been leaking auto transmission fluid... First step - Scottie jacked up the front of the car!

Next, remove the bolts that are holding the auto transmission pan on...

Then, with a large container to catch it in, create an auto transmission fluid waterfall!!

And for those who haven't seen one before, this is what the inside of a BW35 automatic transmission looks like!!

Damian was at the back of the car (in the boot to be specific) cutting off the original spare tyre placement locators, as the new 15" tyres are too big for them (they were pressing on the sidewall of the tyre - not a great option!)

Meanwhile, Scottie had been underneath Booger Mobile extracting the filter from the BW35 auto transmission... a perilous task that also included a drip of auto transmission fluid landing fair in his nostril!! Scottie was unamused, coughing, spluttering and cursing, but Damian thought it was hilarious!!

And what weekend would be complete without Damian painting something black? Here's the spare wheel tiedown bracket (which also doubles as the original jack stand, but won't be used as such).

After Scottie's cleaning, the auto pan looked good enough to eat off, and the filter looked good as new!! Of course, when Scottie grabbed the gasket set to put it back together, he discovered that there was a new filter in the kit, so another moment of hilariosity ensued!!

Meanwhile, Damian's painting skills came to the fore once again!!

And here's the spare wheel, in it's upward facing photo position... in reality, it actually bolts in upside down!!

Meanwhile Damian threw the first coat of paint onto the BW35 protection plate... sadly he didn't get a finished shot while it was off the car...

Kane from Kerbside Car Sound arrived with Booger Mobile's new stereo... Damian put the subwoofer into the bass box...

Kane's van is almost the same colour as Booger Mobile!! It must be fate!

First step - mark and cut holes for the rear speakers...

These are the rear speakers... 3 way 300W Sony 6" x 9"!!

Meanwhile, this is the subwoofer after installation in the bass box...

This is the 600W Kenword amplifier to power the subwoofer!!

And that's where the subwoofer is going to live... in the boot, beside the spare wheel!!

Scottie reattached the BW35 protection plate... Here it is in all its glory!!

Meanwhile, Kane borrowed Damian's jigsaw to cut the holes for the rear speakers...

That's the holes cut... now do the speakers fit?

Perfect fit!!

The rear speaker board was installed, and the metal beneath trimmed to fit the speakers... if you look closely below, you can see the blade of the little saw (powered by the air compressor) just to the left of the C in Camp Quality!

After all the cutting, Kane decided to have a lie down in the boot!! Of course, he may have also been running wires to the speakers... hard to tell!!

Kane brought some green tape with him just for Booger Mobile!!

The front door trims are original, and have seen a lot of life over the past 46 years... Kane had to be very careful when cutting the hole for the speakers, as the door trims were very fragile!

And that's how the hole in the door trim looks...

And the rear speakers are finished!!

Scottie decided to spend the afternoon slowly refilling the automatic transmission with fluid. You'd think with all this product placement, one of these companies would sponsor Booger Mobile!! :-D

Scottie was very proud of his ingenious solution to holding the funnel!!

Kane decided to fill in the holes in the door trim with some Pioneer 6" 180W 2 way speakers.

They look good, and they sound even better!!

It was now time for the part of the day that the purists who follow the Booger Mobile blog may wish to skip - the cutting of the metal dash to fit the stereo!! For those who would be offended, there's a still picture below....

For those who are more daring, here are some videos of the action!! First, getting started...

And through the magic of the interwebs, the finished product!!

And for those who skipped the videos, here's the finished product... not so bad now is it?

Scottie took the opportunity to fit the rear towbar... should just bolt on!! Of course, one side bolted straight on, the other side required a little gentle persuasion from the angle grinder!!

Either the car is crooked, or the towbar hasn't been bolted up yet!! One or the other...

And here are the results of Scottie's angle grinding!! Fits like a bought one now!!

The Kenwood amplifier was sitting on the rear floor waiting to be bolted down...

Damian put his artistic hat on and painted Booger Mobile's wheel brace... note the green end - that's the end that's used for the wheel nuts... Great idea, Damian!!

Subwoofer in bass box in boot with two spare wheels!! Fits perfectly!!

Yes, but how does it sound???? Well, check it out!!

And in case there is anyone out there wondering what station Damian listens to... check it out!!

Another fantastic day of progress drew to a close, with Booger Mobile getting even closer to being completed... the boys may not be able to legally drive it on the roads yet, but the stereo sure sounds sweet!!

Stay tuned... there's more to come!!

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  1. WOO HOO Scottie back from injury, and here's betting he is rearing to get stuck into the last bits and pieces to finish off the Booger Mobile.
    Great to finally have the sticker for the Booger Mobiles sponsor Business awards finalist AQUALOGICAL.What a perfect fit Damian you do have a way with curves, they are the hardest part to do when applying stickers, well done.
    Yay another new sponsor in KERBSIDE CAR SOUND
    and they are coming to install one of their fantastic super duper stereos into the BM.Its not really sad that the Boogers dash has to be cut bigger to make way for the stereo as it is for the improvement of having a great stereo system all worth whiled in the end.
    Leaking auto transmission fluid another dirty sticky task for Scottie and we all know how much he loves to be in the thick of it all, even when its pouring down like a waterfall Scottie moves on with his task.But low and behold Scottie ended up with some of the fluid landing smack bang down his nostrils (or did he just have a booger in discuses ) not funny really but Damian being Damian had a real good laugh at Scotties expense , and I sure its not the first time nor will it be the last.Even Damian needs a good laugh every now and then, as he is usually busy making everyone else laugh, so I say laugh on @DAMIAN.
    All in all Scottie did a fantastic job well done there Scottie.
    Damian and painting now go hand in hand and it just wouldn't be right if he didn't get some painting in for the day. and what a master piece he created.
    Woo hoo Booger gave birth to a van ha ha, no it Kane from Kerbside Car Stereo in his van that has almost the same coloured paint as the Booger Mobile.What a fantastic job Kane did installing the stereo system great to see and hear a man at work and who could be offended by that?Great improvements to the Booger Mobile doing it for the kids thats all that matters.
    Now Scottie Damian and Booger Mobile can be BOOM BOOMING along on the Camp Quality esCapade 2010 "HOW SWEET THE SOUND"
    What a great days work by Damian Scottie and not forgetting Kane well done thank you.
    Great lot of pictures 45 in all and 3 videos all telling the story of the days work on the Booger Mobile you outdid yourself this time Damian.